Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.27.17)Beyonce and Jay-Z are struggling to find the perfect $75 million home, Drake was seen at the NBA Awards with Ros the Warriors sideline reporter, and Draymond Green won defensive player of the year. Taco Bell is now a wedding venue, napping at work causes more productivity, and Chance the Rapper got mad at Hostess for using his name. Greg's looking for recommendations on fun things to do in California, listeners call in with their staycations of choice, and George Lucas does not want to sign autographs.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.26.17)Pride Weekend had some people at the station partying too hard, we have your BET recap, and a $20,000 funeral turned out to be for a living person. One man dangled his baby off a balcony for likes, and Jackie has a new batch for Tinder Trash. We talk about third wheeling in relationships, listeners call in about their third wheel opinions, and Michelle Obama praises Chance the Rapper.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.23.17)It's Pride Weekend and F&G have an appearance tonight, Johnny Depp made some crazy comments about killing the President, and the Warriors are going to be hosting a baseball game. We have your What the Friday stories, a model died after a whipped creme can hit her in the chest, and we're back with Fake News Friday. Our favorite drag queen Heklina joins us for some Pride trivia and we have more updates on Beyonce's twins.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.22.17)DeMario Jackson was asked to return back to 'Bachelor in Paradise' but he doesn't want to do it anymore, Gabourey Sidibe hates when people tell her she lost weight, and someone ran 50 miles to spell out Warriors 2017 NBA Champs on a fitness app. The guys talk about the worst bird poop stories, Jason got a fiesty tweet from a celebrity, and  the ladies play Homo vs Hetero. Shan admits to not knowing what a 401k is, and listeners call in to give advice on saving money.
Fernando And Greg’s Side Show Podcast (06.21.17)On today's Fernando and Greg Side Show... The gang is all here to recap Heklina's gigantic birthday party that took place Monday night. There were laughs, there was anger, there were tears. Plus, Heklina's sister and Aunt Cindy are in studio with the team to dish the real dirt.  All this and more on today's Fernando and Greg Side Show. 
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.21.17)Toady is National Selfie Day, Bachelor in Paradise filming has resumed despite sexual allegations. New Ken dolls are here featuring a diverse range of guys, we bring you Weird News Wednesday, and we talk to Greg's mom Ginger. We talk about kids being at home and lazy for the summer, listeners call in to tell us about their kids schedules, and OJ Simpson is set for a trial hearing.

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