Idol: Boys, Boys, Boys!

ellen1 Idol: Boys, Boys, Boys!
There’s our judge Ellen for Idol!  She broke the tension again on the opening for the men by telling the contestants that what they see and hear in the studio is nothing compared to the mix on television.  Degeneres joked, “If we tell you that you sucked here in the theater you REALLY suck at home on TV.”  We needed a good jokey start after last nights female  lack-luster performance.

toddrick Idol: Boys, Boys, Boys!Wow!  I usually agree with Simon, but I LOVED the fact that TODRICK HALL took season one’s original Idol [lastfm]Kelly Clarkson’s [/lastfm], “Since You Been Gone” and flipped it.  It was funky, creative and fun.  It made me look up from my multitasking and bob my head.  Maybe he still thinks that the show is called “Pop Idol” like across the pond.  The version that he did may not have been bubblegum but it had some “slump” to it.  Remember fans buy CD’s and downloads Simon, you just collect the check.

jermaine3 Idol: Boys, Boys, Boys!Following that  Clarkson flashback, we couldn’t help but be reminded of [lastfm]Justin Guarini[/lastfm]  (Idol Season 1 runner-up) when contestant JERMAINE SELLERS sang [lastfm]Oleta Adams [/lastfm]”Get Here”.  Since Guarini sang it what I believe was a staggering three times that season, just hearing the piano intro made me look for the remote.  There should be a list of songs that just shouldn’t even be an option on this program.

timurban Idol: Boys, Boys, Boys!TIM URBAN: He KILLED “Apologize” by [lastfm]OneRepublic[/lastfm].  NO he murdered  the song, bad karaoke!  Tim is the one that didn’t make the original top 24 and got a last-minute call to join the show because of a disqualified contestant.  It showed why he didn’t make it the first time.  Finally I agree with Simon again!!!


michaell Idol: Boys, Boys, Boys!Michael Lynche aka “Big Mike”.  New father who can rock the guitar took the stage and it wasn’t incredible, but it was a good performance.  He’s just getting started baby. Still better than at least three of the chicks from last night.  He was one of my early faves in the audition process.


 CASEY JAMES finally brought the sexy of the evening, not that I find him as sexy in the way that  Kara does, but he did have a sexy voice.

andrew garcia 320 Idol: Boys, Boys, Boys!Andrew Garcia

Well worth the wait of the last slot.  It was no, “Straight Up” by [lastfm]Paula Abdul.[/lastfm]  But it was enjoyable and he’s personable and fun to watch.  *Early fave before the bandwagon 🙂

Overall theme for the night:  A bunch of dudes with wanna-be star names like Urban,  Kell(e)y,  and Lambert.  None of the contestants know “mic technique” which keeps you from hearing that ‘P-Popping” sound on the microphone when they sing.  And many, many re-hashes of the same old songs.  Good news is the boys came with something to prove after ladies night.    My ideas on the two boys going home?  Urban and Lambert.  They are neither a Keith or an Adam…


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