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Movie Monday: What’s Hot Now, and What’s Coming

alice pan updated Movie Monday: Whats Hot Now, and Whats Coming

Have you lost your muchness?  Remember the feeling when you were a child and saw a movie that felt so real, you felt like you were still “in” the movie when you walked out.  As you get older you get more cynical, try to find out what’s happening before it does and forget to get sucked into the wonder.  Here are the top movies of the week along with my review of the movie that not all critics can agree upon.

mad hatter mush Movie Monday: Whats Hot Now, and Whats Coming

What is a critics job?  To take apart all that is magic to indulge in finding flaws.  I don’t like reviews of those who get paid to do so because I know that is their purpose.  They can’t love every movie right?  Well I’m a romantic when it comes to being in love with cinema.  For me it was all of the fantasy realm, I knew once I saw “Batman” that I was invincible and no one could tell me any differently.  When was the last time you allowed yourself to be swept away by a movie?

I did this weekend.  I finally saw the movie that continues to be #1 at the box office, “Alice In Wonderland” which this weekend alone brought in $34.5 Million ($565.8M worldwide so far).  You think it’s a tad late to be doing a review on something that’s been out for three weeks but I’m just the other way around.  I know you’re trying to save money and I can honestly recommend this movie that is Burton and Depp together again (let’s not forget [lastfm]Danny Elfman[/lastfm] on the score to make the trifecta complete).  “Alice” didn’t even feel quite Burton until the music kicked in.

alice red queen court dress Movie Monday: Whats Hot Now, and Whats Coming

Johnny Depp was not what  I expected at playing the insane, Mad Hatter.  I was actually a bit put-off by his look on the poster and at first glance you would think that the look that Anne Hathaway had as the White Queen would have been more befitting an Alice.  The way Anne played the queen just a scosh over the top was perfect.  The casting of Mia Wasikowska was the right choice for Alice.  Although I didn’t know it until after she fell down the rabbit hole. If you love fantasy fashion, you will LOVE this movie!  The many costume changes of “Alice” was a delight.  I would love to own a few of those frocks!

alice blue frock Movie Monday: Whats Hot Now, and Whats Coming

I won’t spend time breaking down the many versions of “Alice In Wonderland” and who got it right, who interpreted the original script in  a way more befitting 2010.  If you dare to believe in pretending and also are into the classic tale of seeing the G vs E  and can take a ride without thinking about it, you will enjoy this movie.

Here are the other movies that made the top 5 this week:

wimpy Movie Monday: Whats Hot Now, and Whats Coming

2.  Diary Of A Wimpy Kid-Book turned movie, opening weekend perfect for the whole family-21.8M

3.  The Bounty Hunter-Jennifer Anniston’s character gets picked up by her ex-husband for money-$21M

4.  Repo Men-Jude Law, that’s all you need to know-$6.2M

5.  She’s Outta My League-Date movie, or those for guys who want the geek to get the girl-$6M

What’s Coming:  “Kick Ass” April 16.  One guy with no powers decided to be a super-hero starts a movement:



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