Idol Down To 9…

usher with idol cast Idol Down To 9...
Whenever I watch the elimination round, it’s always fun to how the show finds new ways to torture you just to find out who is in the bottom.  I especially love how they drag it out and use commercial breaks to cause what they would consider “suspense”.  Although that part of the show isn’t working the real stars they bring to the extremely long elimination round make it

ruben studdard performance Idol Down To 9...
worth the tune-in.  Last night was no exception and there were a few surprises.  Remember the “velvet teddy bear”, [lastfm]Ruben Studdard[/lastfm] ?  He was back to perform and had a new appearance and lifestyle.  Ruben is 100 lbs lighter, works out daily and is vegan.  I can’t wait to see what he will look like in a year. 

diddy on idol1 Idol Down To 9...
As far as the star-studded portion of the show, mentor hottie [lastfm]Usher[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Diddy[/lastfm] took the stage to perform as well as the collabo between Usher and [lastfm][/lastfm] for the song that Will produced for Mr. Raymond called, “OMG”.

will i am usher performance Idol Down To 9...
Oh yes, and someone went home.  Her name was Didi and apparently she did sing for her life, it was a million times better than the night before but the judges still sent her home.  Hey, if you’re gonna go out, do it on a high note right?

didi benami Idol Down To 9...


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  1. Micki from San Carlos says:

    I was just so happy that Andrew Garcia pulled it together to get himself back in it! He was awesome Tuesday. Lee Dewise was the best performance of the night on Tuesday, just edging out Crystal “Mamasox”. She’s still the best and all, but Lee was bringin’ it! Good job, Lee.
    Siobhan Magnus sang just like she always does, but this time (finally!) the judges all heard what I heard: weak pitchy weirdness. I had to fast forward when she started talking back to the judges. I get really disgusted at that kind of arrogance. Of course I don’t know what she said, so maybe she was agreeing with them. Kinda doubt it though.
    Aaron still sounded like he was fighting for breath. I wonder if he was really well, yet. Still, his “sick” voice is better than most.
    Fernando and Greg just ripped Usher apart, but I was watching with my partner who said, “He’s lip synching,” and I said “No, because I just heard it in his voice when he ran down those last few steps.” Dude can MOVE!!! I liked Usher’s advice and his performance.
    But what is going on between Simon and Ryan?! I know they’re really friends and all the drama is for prime time, but I’m tired of it. Let’s leave the drama to the 16-year-olds.
    Kara: stop touching Simon!! You’re married, as you keep reminding us right before you act unbelievably inappropriately.
    Thanks for blogging Alexa!! I just love your happy voice!!

  2. sammy says:

    look how HOTT tim urban is

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