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Idol Sucks

alicia keys Idol Sucks
It’s Alexa and last night the top 7 performed.  Do we really need to endure another six weeks of this?  I think my title says it all.  If I weren’t for [lastfm]Alicia Keys[/lastfm] being the inspirational mentor.  If you haven’t watched and only have it on DVR just 44022 Idol Sucks
fast forward to Michael Lynche.  He brought his big vocals and was more than above par. 


crystal bowersox american idol4 Idol Sucks

The last to hit the stage was Crystal Bowersox’s.  It was heartfelt and emotional, but still not as good as the judges praised it for.  These kids could all sing in auditions and Hollywood week.  I wonder what  Simon is promising them to all suck so badly?  Honestly they couldn’t all have stage fright or all suddenly forgotten how to sing. 

a kelly1 Idol Sucks
Maybe they’ve all taken courses on how to be cliche’ and boring…how Aaron Kelly  singing  [lastfm]R. Kelly’s[/lastfm] “I Believe I Can Fly” at his kindergarten graduation and them him butchering it live for the world to see was beyond belief.  

the only thing that was consistently “inspirational” this week was me being inspired to plug my ears. At least they will all be gathering for a good cause for “Idol Gives Back” when all the people who can do more than sing karaoke will be on stage Wednesday night.


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  1. Micki from San Carlos says:

    I agree with you, Alexa; Crystal wasn’t as good as they praised her for. I cringed when she fell apart before the song ended, but I had to forgive her because she had my heartstrings clenched in her fist.
    >spoiler alert!<
    Wow, I'm so relieved that Tim went home. He does have a cute smile, but I'm afraid I've had about enough of his singing for this year. I'll listen to him again next year after he's toured for a while and gets some vocal strength. It's a crime that Andrew went before this kid, but they'll all sound much better in a year.
    Carrie Underwood sounded so good! I don't even like country!! But she has skill and an incredible voice so she makes me love it. Again.
    And is it just me, or did you skip through a whole lotta World Misery last night? I can barely take seeing the poverty around the world when I can afford to help. When I can't rub 2 nickles together myself it's just too much of a downer. I know it's important to give even in these hard times, so I'm hoping all those two income households will come through with the donations. Great, now I have guilt.
    Love your show!

    1. alexa997 says:

      Micki! I’m with you! In fact, I did not watch what was surely the best Idol show of the season because between moving and taxes, I’m tapped out. Not to mention I needed a TV breather for just one night! I’m over this show, but LOVE hearing your comments. Thanks for all your insight!!!

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