American Eye-Dull

450277075 f767ef15d62 American Eye Dull
What I can tell you is that this weeks episode of the final six did suck  less.  The challenge of singing tunes from country fave [lastfm]Shania Twain[/lastfm] somehow shook the contestants out

michael lynche sf American Eye Dull
of their sucky rut.  I only know this because of the re-cap at the end just because “Glee” was about to start (barely on-time again.)  Glad I watch live since many “Gleeks” lost out on the last few minutes due to Idol last week.

casey james american idol2 American Eye Dull
Favorites are still Michael Lynche and Crystal Bowersox.  I did hear from Greg from the morning show that Bowersox had an off week.  Now he’s saying that Casey was the stand-out..isn’t that his genre though?  Hmm, is there really ANY other reason to watch?  Or at this point is there any reason to watch until the finale’ where I’m sure those two will have a show-down?


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