Ratings Prove Eye-Dull Sucks

simon cowell disappointed Ratings Prove Eye Dull Sucks

If I haven’t been telling you enough myself, then lemme pull the ratings out to show you that American Idol is flopping this season. Wanna know how bad? I got the dish of the disappointment for you inside.

TheWrap.com reports that Idol recently pulled in one of its lowest viewership numbers since 2002, the year the show debuted on FOX.

american idol season 9 judges Ratings Prove Eye Dull Sucks

Notorious for being #1 in the Nielsen ratings for five consecutive seasons and even ranking in 38 million viewers at one point, the show last Tuesday night only pulled in 17.1 million viewers, the lowest figure since August 27th, 2002.

simon cowell thumbs down Ratings Prove Eye Dull Sucks

Can we really blame Simon for leaving after this season? Why do you think Idol is starting to flop? Bad contestants? Paula’s absence? Bad host?? Let your opinions be known in the comments below!!!



One Comment

  1. JustinFrom510 says:

    I think Idol slipped a LOOONG time ago- I’m surprised its only starting to show now!

  2. MissH says:

    The tallent sucks, the mentors suck, the genres suck. Thats pretty much sums it up.

  3. missnisha says:

    Paula’s gone, Simon’s bailing out, most of the judges lie through their teeth or don’t know what they’re talking about, and they picked what had to be the WORST Top 24 in the history of this show. We ended up with the DULLEST top 12 Idol contenders, and none of them stepped up their game enough for me to care. They should’ve just replayed Season 8 and called it a day. At least THEN they’d get better ratings!

  4. Laurina says:

    i stopped watching when adrew garcia left the show… wasnt worth watching after that

  5. JD4519 says:

    Jennifer Hudson proved a long time ago how much of a joke American Idol was. Same with Adam Lambert just recently. When Simon leaves the show, the ratings will plummet below 1.0. It’s just a matter of time.

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