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Shrek Forever After Review

shrek forever after poster 4 Shrek Forever After ReviewShrek was king this past weekend. Not only Shrek, but his band of oddball characters are still making it happen after all these years. What is it about these celebrity voiced creatures that keeps people coming back for more?
jason peachscale 25 Shrek Forever After Review jason peachscale 25 Shrek Forever After Reviewjason peachscale 25 Shrek Forever After Reviewjason peachscale 25 Shrek Forever After Review


Shrek just keeps on rockin. When the big green ogre debuted in 2001, it was popular and star studded, but few thought it would become this big. Three sequels, and a Broadway musical later, Shrek is still king. Big indeed, as the newest offering, Shrek Forever After, is the first in the franchise to be shown in IMAX 3D. All the big name voices are back, as Shrek, now fully settled as a husband and father of three, is facing a mid life crisis. When he makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to be a fearsome ogre again for a day, he discovers the contracts fine print has devastating consequences.

arts shrek 4 584 Shrek Forever After Review

Shrek Forever After is funny; laugh out loud funny, for almost all of the ninety minute run time. The characters are back, acting as zany and insane as you remember them, with different twists that keep things fresh.

After almost ten years, the eccentric characters run the risk of becoming tired and annoying. While the comedy of the shtick may indeed be warring out on some (Donkey!), it helps that the Shrek characters spend most of their time in an alternate universe during Forever After. The creatures you know and love, look, and act different. This makes the comedy less predictable, and very enjoyable.

shrek forever after movie image 03 Shrek Forever After Review

Shrek made it to number one at the box office this past weekend, but look for it to bow out of the top three early with huge releases coming up the next few weeks. Still Shrek will have a healthy life this summer, as it an incredible kids film, with a ton of adult appeal. It’s being called “The Final Chapter”, but do you think this is really the last we will see of the big green family?


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