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Britney Still On Lock

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That’s right, Daddy is still holding the reins on our favorite Pop princess [lastfm]Britney Spears.[/lastfm]  It was decided yesterday at a hearing in Los Angeles.  Sources are quoted as saying thatbritney spears new Britney Still On Lock
Britney still has complex issues in her personal and professional life and just isn’t ready to take control just yet.  The court has SEALED her medical and financial records and approved payments to Daddy and the conservator’s law firm without objection from Brit or her lawyers.

Look for the saga to continue in court on July 27th.


One Comment

  1. Jason Dean Barfoot says:

    As I sigh and shake my head I am truely distraught that our B girl is being dragged through so much emotional stress. All over the world, no matter who she has touched either blissfully or irritantly, everyone holds her in heart, mind, & soul. I also can’t help but worry about the impact & devistation her 2 little angels Jayden James & Sean Preston would endure seeing their mommy held back in ANY way. It takes one to know one and that being said, I am a Momma’s Boy. I truely expect the courts to concider not only what making decisions like these will neither gain nor loose but who they will impact most and who it matters to most. We love you Britney, and your 2 angels will love you NO MATTER what your outcome or actions bring forth.

  2. laura vidovich says:

    i have had similar issues as brit. not similar in a way where i can understand everything brit’s going through but ive experienced complex issues which have caused me to be out of control. it takes time to get your life back on track after being out of control for 8 years in my case… or possibly my whole life (and i’m only 24) anyways… that’s okay if brit needs more time to regain her equilibrium… .. and let me just state SHE IS NOT ON LOCKDOWN she just has the wonderful opportunity of people who support and care for her who are going to do everything in their power to help her! GO BRITNEY!! STAY STRONG AND “WHEN THERE’S A WILL< THERE'S A WAY!" quote britney spears… xoxox

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