Kanye’s Going To Be Mad

kanye west is not thrilled Kanyes Going To Be Mad

If you thought we all saw [lastfm]Kanye[/lastfm] get mad when [lastfm]Taylor Swift [/lastfm]beat out [lastfm]Beyonce [/lastfm]at the VMA‘s, then wait till he see’s what happened to his car! Click MORE…

While [lastfm]Kanye[/lastfm] has been working on his album in Hawaii he’s been renting a house their. While Kanye was gone he left his cousin there to look after things when he was away. Look what happened to his Porsche Panamera while he was away!

Kanye's Porsche

Apparently the car failed to make a right turn and drove into a multi-million dollar house, leaving a large hole in the garage wall. The owner of the house luckily is undergoing construction and wasn’t home at the time. Police had a hard time pulling the car from the home. [lastfm]Kanye[/lastfm]’s cousin was authorized to drive the car but police are looking into reports that they saw 3 men running from the car after the accident.

What do you think he’s going to say when he see’s his car? Put your [lastfm]Kanye [/lastfm]quotes here! LOL-


One Comment

  1. TJ says:

    i cant say its goen b bad like really bad itz gonna b a nitemare on that strret!!!!!!!!!!!

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