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Britney Might Be Getting In Trouble Again

 britneyspearsindex Britney Might Be Getting In Trouble Again

Haven’t heard much from Miss [lastfm]Britney Spears[/lastfm] lately, but ya know it doesn’t take long till she gets in the headlines again.  She’s being accused of…


womanizer naked l1 Britney Might Be Getting In Trouble Again

allegedly sexual harassing her bodyguard.  The bodyguard put in his notice last week because she walked around naked and free in front of him all the time.  The former guard is considering legal action because he also says that Britney came on to him, while being naked mind you, and made him feel uncomfortable.  Especially since he has a wife and kids.  He wanted to keep the job to provide for his family, but it was getting pretty uncomfortable to ask her to put her underwear on.  

What made him bounce was when her dad, Jamie Spears, accused him ( the bodyguard) of  making her walk around in her undies.  Do you think this has any truth behind it or is someone trying to get  money out of her?


One Comment

  1. Jeannette says:

    this goes both ways…..Everyone knows the actions Brittney takes to get noticed…..But it does sound a bit odd that she would walk around naked in front anyone…….And then the bodyguard most men would love if they had Brittney walk and harrass them…..But this is a great excuse for him to extort money from his former employer….

    1. Alex B says:

      agree sounds like hes just looking for a quick paychek

  2. teresa says:

    Honestly i think he is only doing this to extort money from Britney, she has a lot of money and he is needing some,He figured a plan like this is going to work. Some Men not all but some are dogs and when they are hungry oh believe me they are hungry. Same applies to women, but i dont think britney would purposely suduce a man just cause. sure she loves her body and maybe finally feels good about herself but honestly this is a scam from the bodyguard.

  3. Alex B says:

    WOW ! ok well he sounds totally gay, cuz i would LOVE that job… GREATEST EMPLOYER EVER !!!!

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