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Justin Bieber’s Water Bottle Sells for $624

 justin1 e1276542817107 Justin Biebers Water Bottle Sells for $624

How much would you pay for [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] memoribilia? A sweaty towel? A used napkin? A water bottle? One teen girl saw an opportunity to make big bucks when she met Bieber recently. Take notes!

16-year-old Emma Hall-Philips met Bieber in New Zealand during a My World 2.0 promotional stop at a local TV station. Emma was lucky enough to sit in on the interview because her mother works for the station. “…he comes in to get his makeup and I was like ‘Oh, he’s sitting less than an inch away from me,” said Emma. Bieber took a sip from a bottle of sparkling water and put it down after declaring “Ew, what’s this?”

Emma’s mom grabbed the bottle of water when Bieber left the room and the two decided to put it up for auction on TradeMe. “I put it on TradeMe to see how much I could get from the crazy fans,” explained Emma. “I’m not a crazy Justin Bieber fan. I’d rather sell it and give money to a good cause.”

The parents of an unnamed Bieber fanatic purchased the bottle of water for $624. Emma says she only expected to get around $22 for the Bieber swag. Emma and her mom decided to give their earnings to a cancer charity called CanTeen.


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  1. joy says:

    wow this must be imberising to him

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