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Despicable Me – The Review That Matters!

despicable me movie poster 02 550x874 Despicable Me   The Review That Matters!

It was huge at the box office over the weekend! How did Steve Carell’s voice, and these cute little yellow guys manage to dominate so hardcore? Find out right here in Jason’s Movie Blog – The review that matters!

jason peachscale 25 Despicable Me   The Review That Matters! jason peachscale 25 Despicable Me   The Review That Matters!jason peachscale 25 Despicable Me   The Review That Matters! jason peachscale 25 Despicable Me   The Review That Matters!

Steve Carell is one very talented guy. He is incredible on hit TV show, The Office, but it’s no wonder he plans on leaving it, every movie role he takes on, he annihilates.  Live action or animated, Steve Carell is a comic hero. His latest project, Despicable Me, uses Carell’s voice talents masterfully. With an adorable story, captivating characters, and a great cast, Despicable Me is just superb.

despicable me movie image 05 Despicable Me   The Review That Matters!

Carell plays Gru, a super villain who, now in his twilight years, seeks to pull off the greatest theft ever, to reclaim the title of top bad guy from the new kid on the block, Vector (Jason Segal). To pull off his heist, Gru adopts three adorable little girls, who he wants to use in his evil master plan. What he didn’t plan on, was that these three girls see potential in Gru as a great father, and he might be falling for them as well.

Despicable Me’s voice acting is terrific. Steve Carell, Jason Segal, Russel Brand, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, and a host of others create rich, funny, entertaining characters. Gru’s army of dwarfy, bug eyed, yellow elves, called Minions, are a particular highlight. They tweet and chirp in nonsensical gibberish that somehow makes a lot of sense, and are the source of many deep laughs. They are constantly engaged in hilarious physical comedy.

despicable me pic 10 Despicable Me   The Review That Matters!

Despicable Me is of course, once again, a 3D movie, that doesn’t need the 3D gimmick. This film is good, and could be enjoyed to it’s full potential if it weren’t for the headache and awkward cross-eyed feeling caused by the lame 3D glasses. If there is one good thing to be said about the 3D in this movie, it’s that it is actually used for a few scenes that make you think “Cool!”. It’s a small trade off though. See Despicable Me, and see it in 2D if possible.


One Comment

  1. Sarie says:

    nice to see Jason back on schedule with weekly movie reviews after zip for the last 3 weeks of June …

  2. Vilas says:

    thanks for the review Jason. Glad to know I dont need to get tickets for the 3D version.

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