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[Fernando & Greg In The Morning] Greg’s Bio

Fernando & Greg In The Morning
Weekdays 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM

As one part of the Fernando and Greg Show, I feel like I am living out my Big Gay American Dream in the Bay Area. I grew up in Watauga, Texas a suburb of Fort Worth. And I can tell you that as a gay boy growing up in Watauga, all I wanted to do was get out of there and get to somewhere I didn’t have to wear starched Wranglers and drive a Dooly Pick Up Truck.

After 10 years in promotions and marketing at radio stations in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas, I first hit the Bay Area airwaves in March 2005 as a call-in guest from Dallas to the new morning show of long-time friend Fernando. Three weeks later I sold everything that wouldn’t fit in to my car and drove from Texas to San Francisco to make my mark as Greg the Gay Sportscaster.

In addition to the Fernando and Greg Show, I have been a member of Team in Training raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society since 2007 and have completed several marathons and half marathons. I’ve also tried my hand at stand up comedy and hope to get more experience on the big stage with the little mic.

And of course, I am a passionate sports fan of all my Texas teams. Although I gladly left Texas for Nor Cal, I couldn’t leave my love for Texas sports teams behind. I am a graduate of The University of Texas and am a diehard Longhorns, Cowboys, Mavericks and Rangers fan. But I have taken a liking to the Giants since moving to the Bay Area and hope one day to get a little private time in the clubhouse with Andres Torres and Jonathan Sanchez.

Greg’s Favorite Things:

  • My Favorite Phrases: Hook’em Horns and “If they’re play’in with balls”
  • My Favorite Color: Burnt Orange
  • My Favorite Part of the F&G Show: The weekly call with my mom Ginger
  • Favorite Movies: House of Yes and Steel Magnolias
  • Favorite People: Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Cristiano Ronaldo

One Comment

  1. Terri Curd says:

    Greg, here’s how to feel better tomorrow: First, eat a well balanced dinner. Then put clean bed linens on your bed. Next, take a long hot shower. Then put on some clean PJs. Microwave your mom’s hot toddy recipe, but only make it warm. Then before getting into bed, take 2 advil. Get into bed and drink your hot toddy. Don’t gulp it, but don’t sip it either. Got to sleep. Do all this BEFORE 7pm. So why does this work? Basically, it’s a system to get your body relaxed for a deep sleep. Because your mind and body heal themselves. All the over the counter meds do the same thing. It’s when you allow your mind and body to focus on healing, that you get better. Miss T

  2. Jessica says:

    Greg I love you in the morning and on the side show!!! I can’t wait for the side show party!! If you email me I’ll give you my number and you can call me when you can’t reach osmond sandra or heklina on the side show!!!

  3. patricia defechereux says:

    Greg You are the best and so Frigging hilarious, you make me and my daughter, now 14, laugh every morning on the drive to school. She can take it, granted she is growing up in the heart of the Castro, and granted she is the daughter to a mum who actively work on AIDS prevention in the LGBT community around the world. She thinks I am inappropriate but not you are not !! Go figure.

    I love you guys, and go for it, I think a healthy attitude to sex is the attitude that should prevail, and taboo is not one of them.

    also thanks to you all i could think about watching the game is those tight golden pants !!!

  4. Sky Cran says:

    Greg, Please stop interrupting Fernando when he is speaking. It seems anytime he is speaking you feel your thoughts are more important. Stop it!

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