Ne-Yo Says T.I. Makes Bad Choices

untitled Ne Yo Says T.I. Makes Bad Choices

[lastfm]Ne-Yo [/lastfm]is making it known that the whole mess with [lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm] and his wifey getting busted earlier this week, could have been avoided. What do you think?

chelsea handler t i Ne Yo Says T.I. Makes Bad Choices

[lastfm]Ne-Yo [/lastfm]says that [lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm]’s had a lot of chances to clean his act up. He called [lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm] the smartest guy in the game but not when it comes to making the choices that get him in trouble since he doesn’t “think things through!” Ouch…but it’s the truth! Like they say…..truth hurts sometimes.

[lastfm]Ne-Yo[/lastfm] added, “I just feel that he makes a lot of poor decisions when it comes to the people that he surrounds himself with. Nine times out of 10 when he gets in trouble, it’s not him, it’s the people that he’s with. You’ve been given a bunch of different chances,” he continued. “Now is the time to really go, you know I get it, all right, I get it.”

Do you think [lastfm]Ne-Yo [/lastfm]is right in saying that about [lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm]? Do you think [lastfm]T.I. [/lastfm]finally learned his lesson?


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  1. finallyfamous says:

    Yes once u hear neyo say something it’s official

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