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Most Memorable MTV VMA Moment #5

britney Most Memorable MTV VMA Moment #5

The MTV Video Music Awards air live from Los Angeles this Saturday. To get you ready for the big night we’ll be counting down some of the most memorable moments in VMA history all week. Check out who took our #5 spot!

#5 Britney Spears: From not so innocent to not so into it

[lastfm]Britney Spears[/lastfm] catapulted to pop superstardom in the late 90s. The pop diva is known for her eye-catching performances, many of which have actually taken place on the VMA stage.

The 2000 VMAs produced the first of Spears’ most shocking moments. The singer appeared onstage wearing a pant-suit which she quickly removed during a performance of her hit single “Oops I Did It Again!” Her revealing nude colored bejeweled bra and pants caused a media firestorm. For weeks after, Spears was the center of controversy as many asked if she was too young to be showing that much on TV.

In 2007, Spears was set to make her big comeback after months of media scrutiny (Remember the head shaving incident?). She was on the verge of releasing her fifth studio album, Blackout, and the performance would mark her return to the spotlight.

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated performance of “Gimme More,” which opened the awards show, was deemed a complete disaster. The popstar appeared to be nervous, unprepared and unenthusiastic about being back in front of a crowd. Luckily for us, Spears has bounced back from her troubled days.

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One Comment

  1. Jason Barfoot says:

    I am excited that Britney made it on the list. I personally belive any spot weather #5 or #1, she has and will always be a big spot in everyones lives. The performance wasn’t one of her best but there are far more better performances to remember and praise then bad ones. I agree also that she appeared to be intimidated by being back on stage which in many minds and hearts puts her as a number 1 for showing the true nature of her self being. That is STRONG and WILLING to overcome personal and emotional fears through bouncing back up on stage.
    Plus, we ALL scream for her to ‘Give us MORE’ 🙂
    WTG Britney!

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