Lady Gaga Gives Beyonce A Custom Gift

beyonce gaga Lady Gaga Gives Beyonce A Custom Gift

What do you give as a birthday gift to someone who has everything….no really- she pretty much has anything she wants or can buy it herself. I’m talking about [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm]! [lastfm]Lady Gaga [/lastfm]wanted to get her a perfect birthday gift! So what did she pick out for [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm]?

beyoncegagatelephone Lady Gaga Gives Beyonce A Custom Gift

[lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] got [lastfm]Beyonce [/lastfm]a custom, leather, diamond- encrusted whip! Gaga gave it to her in a fully decorated¬†backstage room at [lastfm]Jay-Z'[/lastfm]s big concert that happened to be on [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm]’s birthday. That wasn’t the only surprise for the birthday girl though! Gaga sang “Happy Birthday” to her and also gave her a matching underwear set!

[lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm] loved her gifts so much that people backstage said she “squealed with excitement” when she unwrapped the present that’s worth¬†thousands of dollars! [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm] told OK! Magazine that the gift and serenade from [lastfm]Lady Gaga [/lastfm]was “GREAT!”– Wow, much better than what I would’ve gave her! LOL–

What’s the best birthday gift you ever got? If you like [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm]’s gift click “LIKE” at the top and if you want your friends to step-up their gifts for your birthday, re-tweet my blog!! LOL-


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  1. Casey says:

    I want one!

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