Go Backstage & Meet Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

You’ve been calling, emailing, and hitting us up on Facebook. You want him, so we have your hookup . . . This week we’re giving away tickets to the hottest show in the Bay Area: JUSTIN BIEBER!  Since the concert is getting closer we’re making the winning even BIGGER!!! BACKSTAGE PASSES!!! You know you HAVE to Win!!! Find Out How.

Listen to Fernando & Greg 7 & 8 am. They have 1 pair of tickets/passes each hour. That’s right 2 winners per day. Make sure your radio is on Movin 99.7 to win, and go backstage to meet Justin Bieber!

****There is one catch!****

This is Bieber Tag!   To win the tickets you HAVE to know the name of the previous winner.  Each time you hear someone else win, write down their name because that will be YOUR key to getting the tickets and backstage passes for Justin Bieber!

If you love Justin Bieber and want to win Click “Like” and “Tweet” on top of the post.

  • Lily

    everytime i text in the codes i always get a reply saying that there was already a winner. whats up with that?

    and what type of tickets are they?????

    • scoot

      teey’re justin bieber tix…

    • xochitl

      justin bieber

  • Kelly

    i was wondering when you will do the text and win thing for justin bieber tickets

  • doreen lee

    hi my dauter dident get to go to the july concert in oakland and she really wants to see justin bieber realy bad please help me out….i need some help with ticket’s for her please….thank’s

  • sophie!

    omg!! i wanna win!!! =(((( i been tryin to win tickes but im not lucky!!! =((((

    • Andrea

      same!! i tried so hard over the weekend and this morning!!

    • thatgiirlthatwantzthatiketz

      hahaha never say never sophie love yhu

  • allison

    plezz.. i want some plezzz its my b-day and i really really want back stage

  • Lesly


  • valerie

    I’ve been wanting too go see JUSTIN BIEBER for so long!!:D can u hook me up I really want those tickets :) please(:

  • Pam

    I’ve never been to a concert in my life an I love jb I know so much. Please!

  • alison

    i really want these tickets ive never been to a concert and the first concert i want to go to is justin bieber’s concert i dont care what kind of tickets i get i just want to go reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy bad and im going to try to call and txt as many times as i have to :) im going to get those tickets

  • Tatiana Bieber

    i really want to win !!!!!!!!

  • Natasha

    heheheheh i was number 1!!! (: lol ive won 4 contests from movin 997 this year. (: i have LOTS of luck.

    • Ashley

      wow. maybe dont be so selfish and let others win for once? some people havent even won once, including me.

    • rachel

      your not supposed to be number one? you have to be texter number 97…smarts.
      how could you have won four contests if you dont even know what texter you have to be?

  • kam

    im so confused..when do they say the word? ive been listening since 8 this mornin. then ill randomly hear them say congrats to….hahahah.

  • Natasha

    this would be my 3rd jusitn bieber contest of the yeaaar! second one that was from movin 997! private one in feb. (:

  • bieberfanforlifee

    i really hope the contest is still going on. was outta town this weekend and just got home so now listening to 99.7 non stop to win these tix for my lil cuzzo.

    • Ashley

      haha nice name? your little cuzzo AND you right

      • amanda


  • Rex

    HOLY SHOOT. I GOT 996….

  • diana

    im trying to win tickets and backstage passes to ur consert justin bieber

  • nely

    i entered facebook for the justin bieber tixs tha backstage nd they didnt send me nothinqqqq

  • nely

    I Tried So Muchh For Thiss Buhtt There Sold Out Ihn Stores And Hereee

    • Monica

      try ticket master ,, they got plenty:)

  • morgan houston

    who was the last winner!!!!

  • morgan houston

    who was the last winnner

    • Ashley


      • amanda

        is it really??? i want to know that too! i really want to win but im at school at 8:00!!!!

  • Dani Bieber :)

    I wanted to win so bad it’s not even funny. Seriously it is my number one goal in life to meet him.

  • kayley


  • Marisela

    OMGee If I win 2 c JUSTIN BIEBER it would B awesome! and my first concert ever so I’ll be listening…I hope I win! xD

  • Megan

    omg please hook me up!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    do i call or text?! WHAT ARE THE NUMBERS

    • nat

      22997 to text

      • anna

        is it ur code number

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