So You Think You Know Justin Bieber?

justin bieber hoodie So You Think You Know Justin Bieber?

Have you ever met anyone that has your same name. For me, when I meet someone named Mary– I say, “how cool”– If I happen to meet someone named Mary Diaz– it’s a lil freaky! Imagine this guys surprise when his name happens to be the same as one of the biggest pop-stars in the WORLD….

31 So You Think You Know Justin Bieber?

Meet [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm]! This guy from Jacksonville Florida is not too happy. His life is upside down all because of his name!  This Justin Bieber is a 35 year old guy who can’t sleep at night and even gets sometimes up to 10 fan mail letters at his house everyday! This Justin Bieber says he’s been kicked off of Facebook for using a “fake name” and said he just wanted to join Facebook like all his other friends! He calls himself a “pinball geek” and far from the heart throb of his name-sake!

52 So You Think You Know Justin Bieber?

He said ” I feel bad for little girls who want to send messages to their hero and it gets to this (pointing to himself). I wish some of those fan letters had checks made out to Justin Bieber.” He did mention there is one plus: People can now pronounce his name.

“Before everyone said Justin Byber,” he said. “I do get a lot of giggles when I swipe my card at the store. The usual response is, ‘Oh you poor thing.'”

I feel so bad for this guy! If you could give him some advice, what would you say? Should he change his name or try to put up with it the best he can! Maybe the two Justin’s could get together so he can meet the teenager who’s giving him so much stress! Re-Tweet this to your friends who love J.B. and see if they can tell them apart!! LOL–


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  1. Bella says:

    omg that sucks!!!!

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