Justin Timberlake a Cheater!

jt and biel Justin Timberlake a Cheater!

Uh Oh!! Big headline in Us Weekly Magazine today is that Justin Timberlake has been cheating on his girlfriend Jessica Biel with many girls.  Everyone seems to be cheating this year! What’s going on? I love Justin but this is such a turn off.   One of the girls coming forward to say she hooked up with Justin is a hollywood actress.

mag1  opt Justin Timberlake a Cheater!

Here’s the juicy scoop!! Sources are reporting that Justin and actress Olivia Munn met late last month at a MySpace party in New York City.  That is where the two exchanged numbers, but Olivia wouldn’t have anything to do with him because she knew he had a girlfriend.  He allegedly had been telling people that  he was a single man,. The source says: “He’s been telling people it’s over with Jessica” for while now, even though “the reality is he’s just doing it behind her back.”

Hella Shady!! Poor Jessica Biel. I really hope this isn’t true. Seriously, if you don’t want to be with someone anymore just end it. There us no need ot cheat. What’s up with all these celebritie dudes cheating lately?? Not cool!  If they want to play they need to be man enough to end their relationship before doing it.  That’s my angry girl rant of the day lol.


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