Mariah’s Baby Name Is What?!?!?!

mariah nick Mariahs Baby Name Is What?!?!?!

Mariah Carey’s hubby Nick Cannon will be on Rachael Ray’s show tomorrow morning and he has kinda let out a big secret.  He may have given up the info on the name of his upcoming baby and it is following the crazy celebrity name trend.

mariah preggers xmas Mariahs Baby Name Is What?!?!?!

Nick told Rachael that the name of the baby is going to be Cleophis Cannon.  WHAT?!?!?  I know celebrities feel the need to give their kids some individuality but come on now!  Give them a chance of  somewhat normal life.

But of course, Nick was playing with all of us.  He and Mariah will not be telling the real baby name until the bundle of joy comes into the world.


One Comment

  1. mimmsy says:

    wow Mariah Carey is a slut in her picture, nick cannon’s way tiny compared to her, even before she got prego. she needs a big man! but i loove nick cannon.

  2. kkre says:

    “mimmsy” that’s rude but lmfao that’s so true her fat ass while they were fucking was probably killing him!! hahahahha

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