Alleged Ashton Kutcher Mistress Turns To ebay

01 ashton kutcher Alleged Ashton Kutcher Mistress Turns To ebay

Say you supposedly hooked up with someone famous and somehow they “gave” you a gift? Would you take that “something” and sell it on ebay? That’s what the alleged [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ashton Kutcher [/lastfm]mistress Brittney Jones is doing! Check out her ebay ad and tell us what you think…


 Homegirl is selling a SWEATER?? Really? Ok, it’s the holidays and we all need a lil extra cash….but really? Ashton is sticking to his story that he doesn’t know her and that they never were together.  

Brittney says, “This sweater was given to me after spending the night Ashton. I no longer have any attachment to this sweater and I am hoping someone else will enjoy this sweater.” Did you notice she’s asking for $500 bucks! A $500 sweater?  Hmmm…..

Ok, maybe I’m just used to shopping at Target, Walmart, Macy’s & Kohl’s but I’ve NEVER paid $500 for a sweater!  What do you think of her selling this “alleged” sweater from Ashton? Re-tweet this to your friends and see what they think!


One Comment

  1. Dylan says:

    Wow.. Its not even at 500$ anymore! try 10,000! what a rip off. This girl needs to calm down because all she wants is some attention.

  2. Esmeralda says:

    Wow! Really a sweater. Get a life girl. She most be low on cash. She has no proof of anything. ONLY a sweater that probably belongs to her father. This girl is crazy! The stupid things some women do to get money and attention! 😦

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