Girl fight!! Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj AGAIN!

nicki minaj and lil kim e1275680149983 Girl fight!! Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj AGAIN!

Lil Kim is taking another jab at Nicki Minaj and trying reignite their beef! These two have gone back and forth a few times now, and it doesn’t look like Lil Kim plans letting up anytime soon. She’s talking again, and them words sound like fighting words!

“The girl is not as stupid as people think she is. She knew what she was doing, that’s to make people feel sorry for her. Everything that’s in the dark about her life is going to reveal itself pretty soon. It’s going to happen. We could make money together, we could be in this game, but she just wanted to be out there by herself.”

Do you think Lil Kim really has some dirt on Nicki Minaj? She sounds like she can back up what she’s claiming. Can’t these two just be friends? It’s more interesting if they don’t like each other though. At least for us it is.


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