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Ronnie From ‘Jersey Shore’ Facing 5 Years In Prison

ronnie Ronnie From Jersey Shore Facing 5 Years In Prison

It took a long time, but looks like the law caught up to Ronnie from our favorite show MTV’s Jersey Shore! The incident happened back when the first season of Jersey Shore was filming…

ronnie jersey shore Ronnie From Jersey Shore Facing 5 Years In Prison

The incident was a fight that happened just off-camera on September 4th 2009, but a grand jury in New Jersey said that they have enough evidence to prove that a crime was committed and indicted Ronnie. It probably didn’t help Ronnie’s case that he was seen bragging about the punch/fight on camera after the ordeal.

Ronnie who’s real name is Ronald Ortiz-Magro is looking at 5 years in state prison since it’s a  third-degree assault charge. Do you think Ronnie will end up doing any time? Do you think celebrities get special treatment when it comes to the law or do they get treated more harshly to make a point?


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  1. canjura says:

    I remember seeing this on tv, just based off of that, we know the other guy instigated. that should have been enough to drop the charges. he’s actually getting the celeb “we’re gunning for you” treatment in this case.

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