It’s Over!! Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhal Break Up!

teasergt Its Over!! Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhal Break Up!

Get ready for a diss song from T-Swift!! She’s kicking off the New Year as a single girl. A source is saying that Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhal have split after only dating for a few months.

jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 02 Its Over!! Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhal Break Up!

“They’re over,” a source tells PEOPLE about the relationship. “It ended last month.”   The two were seen spending New Years apart.  Taylor Swift was seen in Nashville and Gyllenhal was in New York.   the two spent Thanksgiving together, and were seen together after that but that was the last time.  they spent the holidays apart. 

Dang all that money jake Gyllenhal spent on birthday gifts for T-Swift and now they’re over! 

Jake Gyllenhal Gets Taylor Swift an EXPENSIVE Birthday gift.

How long before we hear a song from T-Swift about this relationship. Jake better watch out! She writes about all her ex’s. Can’t wait to hear it!! lol


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  1. Makayla says:

    Every time I turn around this girl has a new boyfriend. I don’t understand why any guy would want to date her cause once they break up, she’ll write a song about him. It’s time for Taylor to come up with a new shtick cause this every song about a break up she’s had is getting old… fast.

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