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JWoww And Sammi At It Again Day One Of Jersey Shore Season 3

mtv jerseyshore sammi jwoww JWoww And Sammi At It Again Day One Of Jersey Shore Season 3

Back in Jersey for less than a day and the fireworks already begin. We all know the history of Sammi versus the rest of the ladies in the house on Jersey Shore but who knew it would erupt within hours of unpacking!

This time around the fight began with a normal Jersey Shore evening with JWoww, Snooki and the newest most tanned member of the house hold, Deena, who pulled a three on one calling Sammi out for last seasons backstabbing events.

Sammi, who is dating Ronnie, has had beef  with Snooki and JWoww ever since a letter written by them uncovered Ronnie’s flirtatious ways.

Last night the claws were out when Deena began to call out her “attitude”. Ronnie joined in to defend Sammi and the war broke out. As Sammi says “Deena reminded me of a barking chihuahua”, Deena got heated and Snooki came to defend her. Snooki and Deena, as a double team, started to bash Sammi (with words).  Snooki’s approach was as a “squirrel monkey” as she calls it. It wouldn’t be a complete Jersey Shore fight without the macho JWoww  who took it up hersef to get involved and this of course means fist were flying!

If this is how the first few hours played out on Season 3’s opener, we can’ wait to see how the rest of the show plays out!!

Watch the Trailer Below!

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One Comment

  1. justyce says:

    watevea sammi u got a hiding from jwoww and u no it i dont no y ronnie was with u and sticking up 4 u

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