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Monday’s F&G Side Show Podcast

fgsideshowhdr1 Mondays F&G Side Show Podcast

Side Show Podcast | 01/24/2011


Contains EXPLICIT Material and is not suitable for younger listeners.

Sparks are stilling flying over football, as well as dog parenting skills. Plus, Jason wants to be studied by Stanford?

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One Comment

  1. Rachel says:

    OMG! Another “Geg is right” show. I think Greg should talk to his therapist about why he feels the need to be right all the damn time. Most of the time it seems like he is just looking for any reason to beat up on Fernando, and the saddest part is, it’s neither funny nor interesting to listen to. Fernando, don’t listen to that drama queen, you are great and the show would be a lot better if you guys just told stories and had more fun. Greg you are hilarious when you want to be, but you act like a child more and more, it makes me want to listen to Alice!

  2. roksteddy says:

    ugh – another bickering. This Greg vs Fernando war is getting tired. Don’t you guys have anything to discuss besides your differences??

  3. Jerry says:

    Who writes the “Filed Under” description of the Side Show? Today it says standford. This must have been written by someone from Cal. The correct spelling is Stanford.

    1. Jason says:

      I went to Sonoma State Jerry, what do you want from me? Ha. I’m fixing it now.

  4. LongTimeListener says:

    I am not a fan of all the arguing, however I would like to say something related to Fernando’s dogs… I do not see a point in having dogs when you banish them outside of the house. A well trained dog behaves well inside. If you’re ‘lazy’ (as Greg says) and don’t want to take the time to train the dog, they will rule the house – jumping on the furniture is not a behavior of a well trained dog. It saddens me when dogs are not allowed to be with their humans because the human is lazy and does not want to deal with them (or deal with training them). My husband and I rescued a crazy dog a year ago. He quickly turned into a calm, loving, obedient boy who is a pleasure to have because of proper training. Dogs need to know who is in control and they need structure. I guess Fernando’s dogs are on their own 🙂

  5. Sam says:

    Another F vs G show. Can’t stand it. Greg, yelling louder than Fernando and interrupting him doesn’t make you right. It makes you an a-hole.

  6. JayofSF says:

    I have been a FAN since 2005 and this is it.
    The sideshow should be light and not be depressing all the time.
    Fernando is a great broadcaster and fair in his debates.
    Greg has issues regarding being “right” all the time.
    I am tired of Greg. He should be replaced.
    (this is coming from a gay male fan since 2005)

  7. pri says:

    finally another great show. awesome. loved it sparks and fire love hate passion. omg visual pic wish I could make a movie out of it. Fernando you seem to be hiding the truth from Greg something deep buried inside of you. let it out. like me working with co workers for 10 years sometimes gets heated even though I see them as family but in the end we forget it the next day. forgive and forget. u guys are the best. Jason ur good to love u 3

  8. Kevin says:

    MORE bickering and fighting. I think this may be my last F&G show. I’ve been a fan for years, but this constant arguing, put-downs, yelling, name-calling, and Greg talking over Fernando is getting so old, so fast. It’s so childish! Lately, I find myself fast-forwarding through most of the podcast because it’s nothing but yelling. Sometimes I just turn it off all together. I CHOOSE to listen to you guys to laugh and take me away from the reality of work and everyday life. There are lots of other shows out there where the personalities are having fun and enjoy what they’re doing, rather than coming in ready to fight like a spoiled little brat (Greg). If you can’t play nicely, take your toys and go home!

    1. mathew101 says:

      First off, I’ve been a listener for 5 years and you guys on the regular daily show is great. And at the beginning of the sideshow, it is an extension of the daily show which is Great. But lately, including today’s side show it is getting to be just bickering and accusation.

      Greg – you can be funny but at everyone else expensive. That is call a bully. You also think highly of yourself and act like you are better invention then sliced bread. You keep talking like you are such a STAR and egg on about a solo career not to mention MORE money for what you do. Just like all morning shows, you guys may be jumping the shark with your self defined worth/value.
      Fernano – you have a lot of issues i.e. lier, lazy. As for being a dog owner. You really are not. People treat there pets like family/child. You want dogs but you really don’t take care of them. They get out, they act out, dog walker? I think the job is getting tiring and old for you. I think you are just tired of being beat up on the mic so after all these repressed years, you are fighting back and that’s not good for the show.
      Jason – if you can do your job and manage interns to do the podcast, then hired someone. Interns work for free and no matter what you think is a stepping stone to a career, it is a luck of the draw. I don’t see you making a bucket full of CASH when you started and now you are on a GAY show that clearly you are homophobic. You hire stupid interns like Jackie and you think you are so good at your job but your best trait is @SS kissing Greg and praising him for the littlest things.

      In summary, I’m going to stop listening to both shows. It is childish and juvenile. Is become a self promoting show for Greg, depression on the mic for Fernano and a dumb producer with no real talent let alone a good voice on the radio.

      Never again.

  9. Nerd VanGayStuff says:

    At one point when I used to tune into F&G I used to consider it great, fun entertainment and unique. A staple in the mainstream Queer community that catered to everyone’s tastes. A Bay Area specialty, if you will. Apparently, that’s not very true anymore. Do you guys actually hear yourselves? This is garbage. Obviously in need of a new format and to tone down the self-righteous scream-fest. This isn’t some Tea Party Political Death Match where screaming a-hole hicks “win the battle”. Aren’t you guys friends? I feel like if this show keeps going in this direction – it’s had it. Feels a little hackneyed already.

  10. Jason says:

    Greg, why do you think you’re always right when you’re not? Then get defensive when Fernando calls you on it. Do you think that being louder than Fernando is going to somehow put you in the right? I agree with Rachel, Greg, you are hilarious till you try to pick on Fernando and then when he defends himself you get your panties in an uproar. As for the dogs, I mostly agree with Fernando, except for keeping them out of the house. Why have them if they aren’t part of the household? I don’t mind the dog walker, but not allowing the dogs in the house when you’re there is terrible – these are pack animals and they want to be with you not away from you.

  11. Nerd VanGayStuff says:

    Btw, Greg was clearly being an a-hole, just finding a way to argue with Fernando and push his buttons. Obviously, Greg was pushing Fernando to get at the deeper issue. If you’re going to play psychologist Greg, get to the point, dear. Chill, on being a pr@#k.

  12. Bea-utifl says:

    Lissun Jaysun, will you please have a packat of soy sauce reddy to squirt into Gregg’s mouth when he starts acting like the stoopid see-you-nest-tuesday that he’s been acting like lately…cos that will calm hims down. I don’t think he’s getting enough at Alice’s, ‘know wa I’m saying? If I wanted to listen to a loud skwaking bird, I’d watch the View. So do your job and get the reigns on gregg.

  13. dw says:

    I have to agree with comment that Greg is a bully. Its especially true when he HAS TO BE right. If someone doesnt agree with his opinion, it becomes the greg-is-right-youre-all-dumb-and-wrong sideshow. Its really a shame that if someone other than Greg has a story, he has to interject himself into it constantly. You truly cannot get a word in, when greg is in the room. He is a huge attention seeker, and It doesnt make for a good comical or topical sideshow when greg does nothing but talk all over everybody. Greg just needs to take it down a notch in my opinion.

  14. dw says:

    ALSO … Fernando, take care of your dogs yourself and train them to be in the home and not just the garage.

  15. Tracy says:

    I think I may have the answer to why Fernando and Greg fight so much! The mug your radio station sent me has Cadmium and Lead in it! WTH? Haha. I think if you are drinking out of the same kind of mug you better recognize… I think this may be the problem!

    As far as my using the mug it is now just for show… =(

  16. Lucie says:

    I agree with Rachel, even though it still does not make me want to listen to Alice, hehe 😉 Greg, O.B. are tampons that have recently disappeared from the stores, you can put this one up on the “Fernando is right” board.

  17. Celeste says:

    I’m sad that the side show has turned into this. A little back and forth is fine but not all this mean spirited arguing.

  18. Rod says:

    Greg, you have been such a $hi! lately. I have loved you for so long but I will no longer listen to the show or podcast because you have been unlistenable. I have never heard someone be so difficult. Your opinion is nit always right although you think it is.

  19. Ricardo says:

    Again, guys? I wish there was an experienced radio vet that could come in and help your show through this rough patch. Your APD seems too inexperienced/hands-off to help you guys thrive… Maybe you do need to rework the Sideshow a bit, at least until you two are jiving again.

    What if each of you did a separate sideshow each week? Here’s my pitch. “Fernando’s Man Cave Mondays” and “Hump Day – Solo with Greg” Fernando does a sideshow on Mondays with Menace and Roger, and Greg does a sideshow on Wednesdays with Jason. That way no one needs to fight to prove who’s the alpha dog. Each of you gets a day to execute your own vision for an hour; just let go, and release your creative juices. Then the gang can reconvene on Fridays, excited about the weekend, and be ready to go with some ideas for the “big” Friday show. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate what each of you brings to the table.
    Also, mix up the show content. Do an interview each week, interview local college athletes, foodies, or drag queens. Put a little more Bay Are into, because there’s some crazy characters around here. That way you can avoid discussing/criticizing each other’s life choices.

    I’m pulling for you guys!

    1. N. VGJ says:

      For real, I like that instead of simply complaining you actually suggested a viable solution. This show is a steaming mess. Giving it one more shot, because I have a sweet spot for bush league queer camp.

  20. hatzumomo says:

    greg, please ENOUGH!

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