Katy Perry on the Set of How I Met Your Mother

We told you recently that Katy Perry was going to make a guest appearance on the tv show ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ now we’re getting the first look of Katy doing her thing on set.

katy20perry20himym Katy Perry on the Set of How I Met Your Mother

Katy Perry’s big debut on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is Feb 7th, but we’re getting a sneak peek at some shots taken from the set of the show. 

Katy recently talked about her guest appearance on the show, and her character. She said:

She said, “[Honey is] gullible and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

“You know those girls who come to the big city, thinking they’re going to meet an important director the first day?

“It’s cute, but it’s not a lot of material, just a quick cameo.

“I really like Neil Patrick Harris, and I’m obviously a fan of Jason Segel; he worked with my husband (Russell Brand) on ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and ‘Despicable Me’.

“Liking that cast was pretty much a given for me.”

katy20perry20himym202 Katy Perry on the Set of How I Met Your Mother

I don’t watch this show, but will probably watch Feb 7th  just to check out our girl KP.  Are you excited to see Katy on HIMYM??

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