Diddy Wants a Wifey like Beyonce!

diddy beyonce jay z1 Diddy Wants a Wifey like Beyonce!
We already know Diddy isn’t really one to settle down. He says he’s looking for love, but he’s got baby momma’s all over the place! lol He’s been in a few high profile relationships but looks like he may be ready to setlle down, for real this time! He’s even got a perfect wifey picked out…he wants a girl just like Beyonce!

Diddy says he’s looking to settle down, do we believe him?  We all know about his much talked about relationship with J.Lo way back in the day.  Then he dated Cassie recently. Besides those two, he also has a few baby momma’s and none of these have been able to get him to  settle down. Now he’s saying he knows exactly what he wants, he wants Jay-Z’s girl!!

Diddy said:

“I’d love to have what Jay and Beyonce have.  My ideal woman has to have intellect and soul. I don’t woo them with flowers, I need to know they like me for real.”

Well I hope he finds love soon then. Good luck Diddy! I think a girl like beyonce would be good for him. Someone who mathes up to his grind and ambition. Maybe his next reality show should be him looking for love! I love it!! For the Love of Diddy lol. What do you think?


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