Justin Bieber’s Swagger Coach Reveals His Tips To Justin!

justin bieber1 Justin Biebers Swagger Coach Reveals His Tips To Justin!

How did [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber [/lastfm]get to be so cool so fast? Could it be his music, his cuteness or his swagger? Justin Bieber’s self proclaimed “swagger coach” [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ryan Good [/lastfm]is telling everyone what tips he gives him to boost his confidence and especially with the ladies….

tumblr lfr3qk4zQx1qbtagbo1 500 Justin Biebers Swagger Coach Reveals His Tips To Justin!

If you’re wondering how Justin Bieber and Ryan Good got to be friends in the first place, it’s because Ryan used to be Usher’s former assistant. Who else would ooze as much swagger than Usher!

Ryan said, “[Justin’s] a cool kid. He’s got a lot of character. A lot of ‘swagger,’ as the kids like to say.” Jokingly Ryan also told J.B. to “only eat red Swedish Fish” and “go 100 percent when playing Nerf basketball.”

ryangoodbieber Justin Biebers Swagger Coach Reveals His Tips To Justin!

On a more serious note Ryan says he’s great at giving Justin relationship advice. He tells Justin, “For one, when leaving a restaurant on a date, grab mints and toothpicks on the way out.” He also tells Justin to wear suits with vests and hand write a girl a note once in awhile, Ryan says girls like that! LOL… “Scribble it on the hotel paper and drop it in the mail. Nobody does that anymore,” says Ryan who also adds that now-a-days, it’s ok to ask a girl out via text message.

Justin’s manager Scooter Braun is also talking about how J.B. is asking about relationships and girls now. “He knows more about love and relationships now. He’s getting to a place where he’s asking real questions. Like, ‘When do I call her?’ and ‘Why is she playing with my head?’ are questions J.B. comes to Scooter with!

Did you know that Scooter’s Dad is Justin’s dentist. He recently said that a while back when they went on a family trip to Africa, his other son and Justin were staying in the same room and every morning would say how he learned a lot about things from his time with him. Justin had said, “Adam was telling me some really cool stories!”

What advice would you give to Justin that would help him with his swagger? Do you think Ryan and Scooter are guiding him in the right direction? I wonder if Justin writes Selena hand-written notes! Awww…. LOL– Click “LIKE” if you are a J.B. fan! Re-tweet this to your friends who love J.B. or your friends who need help with their swagger too!

Did you catch Justin on SNL? Here it is for you!

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