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PRINCE Concert Review: Welcome 2 America Tour In Oakland!

prince sky2 PRINCE Concert Review: Welcome 2 America Tour In Oakland!

Where do I start!!! His royal badness came to show how funky he still is last night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland for his Welcome 2 America tour! When [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]PRINCE [/lastfm]announced he was going to be coming to the Bay last Wednesday and that tickets would go on sale Friday, I lost my mind!! Yes, I’m a huuuuuge PRINCE fan and have been since I was little! Let me tell ya it was a non-stop party!

Driving to the Oracle Arena, I had my Prince cd on and wondering how many songs could my man squeeze in to his set! There are soooo many hits, I knew I wouldn’t hear them all but I couldn’t wait to see the new set up and feel for this tour and if it was going to be different than the last time he was in the Bay.

After paying the $35 for parking (yes, I said $35 bucks so get ready if you’re going to the next 2 shows!), I saw all my fellow PRINCE fans already lined up ready to go in. I have to confess, I was on the air yesterday 10am-2pm, and before my shift I drove to the Oracle and went by to see if I could catch a glimpse of anything PRINCE related being loaded off the big rig trucks that were setting up for the concert! LOL— yes, I know I’m crazy!

Walking up to the Oracle, you could feel the vibe! Excitement in the air and talking to people in line about their past concert experiences with my man. Everyone agreed that every show is the best. What were we in for tonight then??

First up, the opening act who is a legend in his own right! Larry Graham and Graham Central Station! I knew to expect them there since he usually opens up a lot of the Bay PRINCE shows! What I didn’t expect when Larry Graham and the G.C.S. got off stage and came back for an encore that they’d be bringing PRINCE back with them! Prince being on stage jamming before he his own set!!! I lost my mind and jumped out of my seat! They performed “Everyday People” and I think “Take You Higher” was the name of the other song? Sorry I was busy screaming and crying looking at my man!  LOL– They end their set and then clips from old school performers run on the big screen as the house lights come up and people head for the bathroom and beer line because you gotta get your stuff done earlier because you can tell PRINCE is ready to party tonight!

The lights go out and the screaming starts, the thousands that packed the house lose their mind to see PRINCE pop up from the stage wearing all white with his trademark high heel boots looking as good as ever!! I’m trying to remember what songs he performed last night. Here is what I remember. If you were there, help me fill in the blanks!







U GOT THE LOOK with Shelia E!!

GLAMOROUS LIFE with Shelia E and then Carlos Santana came out to jam with PRINCE & Shelia E.!!!!

LOVE BIZARRE  with Shelia E.


PURPLE RAIN– This is always a crowd favorite and yes….. I cry everytime!!





Wheeeeew…I’m sure I’m missing some songs, I’m replaying the concert in my head! PRINCE even grabbed his guitar and did Rihanna’s song “Rude Boy” while Shelby J. sang the song we know and love and everyone was loving it! But PRINCE wasn’t done…..

Two more songs were in his back pocket for the final encore. Songs I haven’t seen him do in a loooong time. “Dreamer” and “Bambi”— definitely songs that if you’re a PRINCE fan, you know about and were excited to hear. No “1999” or “Let’s Go Crazy” or the full version of “HouseQuake” we were just given a teaser being asked by PRINCE “who in the house knows about the quake….” and that was it! LOL—

Like PRINCE said during the show, “I have too many hits, we can be here all night people!” Then I was in the crowd screaming— “I’m ready, let’s do it!” LOL– he could have gone all night, but my man needs to save his energy for Wednesday and just added Thursday nights shows back in Oakland. PRINCE did say, “They said we couldn’t sell this place out…How long did it take? 5 minutes!” Classic PRINCE! Loved it!!

Where you at the show?? What’s your review! I’m going to both shows coming up again and waiting to hear if any more shows will be added in Cali so I can drive either north to Sac or south to LA. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again over and over. Well, as long as I can before I’m broke! LOL—

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One Comment

  1. threecharms says:

    “Stop! Stop! Stop! I can’t sing this song. Marriages are gonna break up if I sing this song.”
    “I wrote this song while I was looking in the mirror.”
    “Sexual chocolate!! Sexual chocolate!!”
    Definitely a great show.

  2. Cher Downing says:

    As he said, he has to many hits to perform all of them, however, the one song I wanted to hear most was “When Doves Cry” and he didn’t sing it. Small disappointment but overall an awsome night

  3. bruce howard says:

    Your review was much too kind. This was one of the most disappointing concerts I have ever attended. A few years ago he gave a remarkable performance in Oakland. This time around he had his friends doing tired covers of forgettable songs. He owed it to us to party like it was 1999, but that was impossible since he had to shorten his set because he started late. How rude is that? When he is on time he can feature much more of his fabulous catalog. He is capable of greatness but he just phoned it in last night. He cheated his audience. I will try not to let last night’s fiasco tarnish my memory of his fantastic performance he gave Oakland on his previous visit.
    I wonder how Prince feels when his fans cheer his mediocrity with the same enthusiasm they cheer his excellence?
    The Prince show ended before it was supposed too. At 11:00 PM the union rules set in and the show was called over. Prince came back on for an encore anyway but the lighting did not come back with him. Prince was mad when the show ended. Perhaps he should have started on time.
    We did not get a full show. Little Red Corvette, When Doves Cry, 1999 and Let’s go Crazy were all missing because the SHOW STARTED LATE and ENDED EARLY.

  4. Erin smith says:

    I totally agree with Bruce that this show was a huge disappointment.  This was my first Prince concert, and couldn’t wait to hear him play. However, Monday’s concert seemed nothing more than a disjointed jam session.  He played a snippet of Raspberry Beret, and expected fans to be OK with that.  He became popular with songs such as Let’s Go Crazy, 1999, When Doves Cry, but didn’t play any of those. I understand that he must get tired of playing the same songs.  However, at Prince ticket prices, he should cover some of his Prince hit songs.   So disappointed that this was my first and last Prince concert.  He should have played Monday night’s show at nightclub. 

    1. ester roll says:

      Couldn’t agree with Bruce and Erin more. This was such a huge disappointment. Kept waiting for the big hits to be played and it never happened. Seemed as if Prince was making up the set list as they played. The show was uneven and slow. Each nights performance is supposed to be different so I hope the people at Wednesday nights show got a better performance.

  5. arrnette butler says:

    Being a die hard Prince fan I was blown away by his awesome performance Wednesday night! Not comparing this with his last
    show here in the Bay where I was front and center, he is always different fresh and sexy giving a royal treat to his fans.

  6. Rosalind says:

    OMG! If I do not ever go to another concert again, I can honesty say, “I WENT TO THE BEST”. NOTHING, NOTHING, BEATS PRINCE.

  7. Ron Mijares says:

    I’m giving you take;I like Rock and Roll and the Purple One has always rocked. My GF likes R&B, listens to this station and others. So it was a no brainer to take my girl to the show. But for what I paid, I was really disappointed. Yes, Prince has so many hits but to NOT play Let’s Go Crazy or 1999, among others was a big let down. I’m not as big a fan to say hey, anything you played was worth it, since in this case, it wasn’t. Just sayin’

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