PRINCE Concert Review: My 2nd Night with PRINCE! Welcome 2 America Tour- Oakland!

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How do you top an already awesome Monday night [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]PRINCE[/lastfm] concert performance?? Book another 2 shows back-to-back at the same venue! That’s what my man PRINCE did! Prince again held the audience at his fingertips as he flew thru his catalog of hits. He did say, “I got too many hits, we’re gonna be here all night!” I would’ve loved that! I didn’t have anywhere to go…. my night was booked up with spending it was PRINCE, and that’s what I did….oh yeah, along with thousands of others too of course!

You would think the excitement of going to Monday’s show would lessen my nervous energy of anticipation for Wednesday night’s show…. but that was the case for me! I was there balling my eyes out, screaming, singing, dancing and reminiscing with PRINCE again so I should’ve known what to expect right?? WRONG!!!!

Although I was just at the Monday night concert, PRINCE did say that every show will be different! Different songs and different vibe was the tone for last night. The night kicked off with a whole lotta FUNK! First, Larry Graham and Graham Central Station once again jammed on stage and set the tone for the night… that old school was in session for sure! People loved funk’in out to the flawless rhythms and energy of a group that have rightfully garnered such high respect from PRINCE and of course us in the Bay Area, it’s hometown crowd.

Now let’s get to the part where I lost my mind! The light go out about 9:15 and I knew what that meant…. my man wasn’t too far behind. I’d be seeing him any second now. That time before he showed up seemed to be an eternity! I just wanted to see my man already! LOL– The smoke clears and PRINCE rises up to the stage in all his greatness.

PRINCE came out looking well rested and ready to get his party on with me…. ok, all 17,000 of us! He was rocking white pants and a red silk top with gold rhinestone accents. PRINCE looked around at the packed house with that mischevious smile he does and then went right in to the hits! Yes, by this time I had tears rolling down my face and my heart was pounding and I had butterflies in my stomach! (If my husband asks, yes.. I still get like that when I’m with him too…LOL) I was screaming, and ready to sing along with the first song of the night! Guess which one he did???? “LET’S GO CRAZY”!!!!!!– Very fitting first choice of songs since that’s what we all were ready to do! The show seemed to move so fast. PRINCE is never on stage long enough for anyone. You’ll always find someone who will say, “PRINCE didn’t do this song or PRINCE only did the hook of that song.” One thing for sure, you’ll NEVER hear me say that!! I’m happy with anything since I’m one of those fans who even loves his B-SIDES or obscure tracks too. Here’s a list of what I can remember of the songs he did last night. If you were there, help me out and let me know what i’m missing! I was living in the moment and didn’t write too much down. Here ya go:






GLAMOUROUS LIFE WITH SHELIA E.!!! (She killed it on stage rocking an all white skin tight dress)

HERE ON EARTH (I think was the name of that song? I couldn’t remember?)


CONTROVERSEY (PRINCE stopped the slow songs for a minute to bring the party jam in!)

PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY (PRINCE had us all singing this classic)

LOVE BIZARRE (The chemistry with PRINCE & Shelia E is powerful! You can tell they love each other and have mad respect for each other too- love watching them together)


PRINCE broke into some ol skool covers like ”ROLLER COASTER” & ”LE FREAK”

Once again was teased with the beat for “HOUSEQUAKE” but no luck in getting the whole song, he just did the same “Who in tha house knows about the quake…” That’s when I was screaming, “we do!” – LOL– yes, I’m crazy! LOL-

IF I WAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND (One of my all time favorites and PRINCE was very playful directing it to Shelia E.)

KISS (PRINCE broke out all his moves for this one! Shaking his booty, swaying it around and the crowd went crazy!! Especially when the big screens zoomed in on PRINCE’s butt and his moves. YES– I was in Heaven seeing that. For a second we had a bit of the old skool “sexy dance” moves from back in the day the way he grabbed that microphone stand and jumped on the piano to dance. I wish I was that mic stand he was grabbing! Yes, I went there!! LOL)

PURPLE RAIN (The song starts and everyone jumps to their feet and sways back and forth and per PRINCE’s request, turning on their cell phones and lighting up the arena! Awesome sight that I won’t soon forget! Then the purple confetti “rains” down on us and we enjoy the guitar playing from PRINCE as he moves from one part of the stage to another not leaving anyone out during the “oooh hooo oooh hooooo” portion that we are all singing in the song! I was once again in PURPLE HEAVEN!!!!!!)

Was that it??? Was this how PRINCE was going to end his 2nd night in Oaktown?? Nawwwww…. just as everyone roars to their feet stomping and clapping and being backed by MY screams…and those of everyone else. LOL— the house lights come on and some people who might be NEW to being at a PRINCE show, get up and leave thinking they are beating the crowds. Little did they know, they were going to beat the crowds all right because PRINCE wasn’t done with us yet…… PRINCE comes back out wearing a mock white sleeveless top with white pants and white fur boots! He also comes out to my tears and screams and then makes his way to the purple piano that he neglected  except for a few dance moves around the piano. PRINCE then says, “Who wants some more, I can go all night now” I jump up and down and scream “I do, I do” and as if he heard me he goes into a medley of more of my favorites…

BABY I’M A STAR (Another crowd favorite that had everyone on their feet jamming!)

WHEN DOVES CRY (We hear the opening chords of the song and lose our minds, would he actually perform this song or just tease us?? Um….HE PERFORMED IT!!!!)



ALPHABET STREET ( You know the song that goes….”I’m going down 2 Alphabet Street, I’m gonna crown the first girl I meet, I’m gonna talk so sexy…she’ll want me from my head 2 my feet!”–AAAAAA Loved it!)

DARLING NIKKI (He teased us with a few seconds of the instrumental for the song and it even looked like Shelia E. was getting amp’d to hear it and he had that smile on his face and quickly switched it up!)

POP LIFE (Another one of my all time favorites that I was singing along with!!)

PRINCE even played a bit of Beyonce singing “Single Ladies” and was pointing to Shelia E. and picking on her– everyone loved it and was dancing

One song I never thought I’d hear at the show was “BLACK SWEAT” (I loved that song and remember when it came out, I got my hands on the instrumental and everytime I was on the radio, I used it as my “music bed” to talk over! LOL-

The last song of the night, if I remember right— would take you down memory lane and it wasn’t even his own! It was from Morris Day & The Time!!


By then, it was already about 11:15 and time for PRINCE to pack it in. At least for Wednesday night because he’s going to do it all over again tonight in Oakland!! Guess what, I’ll be there too! Prince said through out the night, “who’s coming back tomorrow? I want all ya’ll to come back tomorrow night, if you thought tonight was crazy just wait!” There I was answering him back saying, “I’mma be here baby!” LOL–

Another funny moment in the show was halfway thru the show, PRINCE told the crowd, “Come on now, stop Tweeting and be here with me now, be here!” It was too funny— classic PRINCE’s sense of humor was as flawless as his guitar playing and voice!!

So for those of you going tonight, here’s some tips for you…..

1.) Bring plenty of money for parking, it’s $35 bucks

2.) Don’t leave the concert until you see them putting the stage away- Lots of people left and missed out on the 2nd encore from PRINCE which was one of the highlights of the night!

Where you there at the show last night?? If you were, what did you think? If you went to Monday & Wednesday night, what did you think- was it better? You know I’ll be there again tonight!

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Incase you missed out on my review from Monday night, here it is!

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