Want To Style Justin Bieber’s Hair Yourself?

It’s no secret that [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber[/lastfm]’s star-power is out of this world crazy!! He has lots of stuff with his face on it! Trust me, I know… I’ve bought a lot of it already…. um, not for me– for my daughter of course :0)! Anyways, LOL– are you ready for a new J.B. doll. You’ve seen the ones in stores now with the plastic hair painted on, now get ready for something new that was just unveiled at the 2011 Toy Fair…

Wanna give J.B. a mohawk, slick back look, what about bring back his hair flip or maybe part his hair straight down the middle? You can now do that thanks to the new J.B. dolls that are coming to a store near you. The dolls are similar to the ones out already but the new ones have hair you can style the way you want. It’s not just dolls though, there will be all new accessories like a stage, tour bus and even one of those hearts J.B. used to fly over the crowd in his concerts!

Check out the video about the products!


Do you think Justin is over-exposing himself? When will too much J.B. be just that…. too much? Click “LIKE” if you already know you’ll have to get one of these dolls for yourself— um, or I mean someone else! LOL-

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