Katy Perry Afraid Russell Brand Is Going To Cheat While She’s on Tour!

More rumors of trouble!!   A few weeks  ago there was a rumor that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were already having problems and seeing a marriage counselor. Now there’s rumors that she’s afraid he’s going to cheat while she’s away on tour for nine months.

Rumors were going around that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were looking to get marriage counseling because they were already having problems.  Now, Star magazine is reporting that Katy Perry is afraid Russell Brand might cheat on her while she’s away on her 9 month tour.   Katy’s husband Russell Brand has said he is a former sex addict. He was always a wild bad boy before settling down with Katy so I can understand her being nervous being away so long.

Star magazine says:

Katy Perry & Russell Brand were lovey-dovey at the Grammys on Feb. 13, but was it all a show for the big night? The day before, they seemed in crisis: “He shouted at her on the phone when he was on the Saturday Night Live set,” says a bystander.

And an insider tells Star: “Russell has been wondering if he can be with one woman for the rest of his life.”

These are the first signs of trouble for the duo, who wed in October after a whirlwind courtship. And it’s coming as Katy has been focused on her nine-month California Dreams world tour, which began on Feb. 20. Now she’s so worried about being apart from her spouse, a former sex and drug addict, she’s looking for a marriage couselor.

“She’s especially afraid he’ll fall back into his bad old habits,” says the source. “But she believes that if they make it through her tour, they’ll last through anything.”


Being that this report is coming from Star magazine, it might just be gossip and I really hope it is.  Girl doesn’t deserve that! I love Katy Perry and I think they make a great cooky couple! Lets hope Russell Brand has really changed his ways and keeps it in his pants!


Katy Perry and Russell Brand Getting Marriage Counseling

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