Top 13 Perform To Save Themselves On Idol!

The top 13 take the stage on Idol tonight to try and save themselves from elimination! The pressure is on. Who will be the first in the Top 13 to go home??

Lauren Alaina: She did “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain. Not good feedback from the judges. They think it’s good, but not great. The performance didn’t wow them. Randy said he’s not sure this gong selection let her shine.

Casey Abrams:  ”With a Little Help From My Friends.” The judges LOVED it!! The night looks like it’s starting to get better. When’s the week where they give the contestants a make over?? This guy needs a hair cut and a shave. lol.

Ashton Jones: “When You Tell Me That You Love Me” Randy said, “I was a little worried but I saw you grow as a singer. I think you did yourself some good with that.” I don’t think her performance was great. I was expecting her to blow me away being the diva that she seems she can be.

Paul McDonald: “Come Pick Me Up” The judges like it! Jennifer says, ” You’re just so unique. I hope America gets it cause I really do think that you’re great.” He kind of reminds me of Chris Martin from Coldplay…or at least his jacket and outfit did. His voice is definitely different. Not really my cup of tea, but I do think he’s get far because he’s kind of cute so he’ll get the girl vote.

Pia Toscano: “All by myself” The judges are all about this girl. Randy said, “We always say don’t tackle those songs unless you can slay them. You hit those notes without even thinking about it.” She’s got a BIG voice and she will for sure go far.

James Durbin: “Maybe I’m Amazed” A judge favorite!! Jennifer said, “Jennifer: Seriously, get used to it. The truth is, you have what all great rock singers have.” I think he’s going to be a girls favorite!! lol

Haley Reinhart “Blue”: The judges are divided in this one. Steven and Jennifer love it, Randy… not so much. Randy says, “For me it was a little boring and a little sleepy. You’ve got all that energy though.” I like her voice, but I like her dress even better! Super cute long navy blue dress. I’d vote for that!

Jacob Lusk “I Believe I Can Fly”: The judges love this guy!! Steven said, “Steven: I can’t even judge it that’s how good you are.” Ooooh boy killed it!!! Love him!! This boy can sang!

Thia Megia “Smile”: Randy, “I loved the intro but it got a bit pitchy in spots. I wish the whole song was like the intro.” She’s so young and has a really sweet voice. Her performance like last week, very sweet, very quiet.

Stefano Langone “Lately”: The judges really liked his version of this song. Randy said, “It’s so hard to sing Stevie. He’d be proud of you. You slayed it.

Karen Rodriguez “I could Fall in Love”: The judges weren’t feeling this one. Jennifer said, “You look so beautiful tonight. You were a little uncomfortable up there. Usually you’re spot on. You’re one of our strongest girls so I hope you’re here next week.” Hmm I was hoping she’d do good. She didn’t quite do it for me. The performance wasn’t anything special.

Scotty McCreery “The River”: The judges like! Randy said, ” If it ain’t broke, don’t consider fixing it. This is exactly where you belong. I love it.” Eh…

Naima Adedapo “Umbrella”: The judges agree she was pitchy, but they like her. Randy said, “I do care about the pitchiness. You’ve got to have the breath to handle the cut offs. I loved the whole reggae bit though. Give me more of that.” This just turned in to a different show. ‘So you think you can dance’ lol. I wasn’t a fan of this all over the place performer, and Umbrella is NOT a good song to sing to try and stay in a singing competition. It doesn’t show off the voice.

Who was your fav of the night??

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