The Shocking Results: The F&G Bacteria Test

bacteria The Shocking Results: The F&G Bacteria Test

Our super smartie pants friends Roopi and Kate stopped by our studios last week to take samples of the things we touch everyday, to test how much bacteria we come in contact with during the week. It wasn’t just radio stuff being tested though. Fernando’s keyboard on his Mac, Jason’s TV remote, and Greg’s cell phone were also sampled. The results are shocking!

fg results pic1 The Shocking Results: The F&G Bacteria TestCheck out the photo of all the gross stuff that grows on the stuff like computers and cell phones that you and I use everyday! Watch the video of Roopi and Kate taking the samples, then read the very scientific results report they made for us!

After a careful, comprehensive analysis of the samples collected from your studio, we conclude the following results:

1.) The iPhone, iPAD and Fernando’s laptop keyboard have significantly more bacteria growing on them than the toilet/seat or the urinal. The keyboard needs to be cleaned with an alcohol wipe right away. There are E.coli bacteria and two different types of fungus living on Fernando’s keyboard.

2.) The inside of Greg’s shoe is much dirtier than the outside. While it is completely normal to find some bacteria in shoes, we recommend that during copious amounts of marathon training, Greg washes his shoes from time to time, just to cut down on the raucous bacterial party guests living it up inside. Some of the species we found inside the shoes include:

a. Escherichia coli (E. coli)- commonly found in nature, environment, surroundings (remember the contaminated spinach fiasco from a few years ago?)

b. Serratia ficaria- A bacteria that causes gall bladder infection, bladder infections, respiratory tract, and sepsis. (red colored round colonies on picture).

c. Klebsiella pneumonia- This bacterium can destroy lung tissue quickly and can also cause pneumonia, wounds, and infection of the bloodstream (pink colored round colonies on pictures).

3.) The outside of Greg’s shoe has the same bacteria as the inside, but a reduced amount. Turns out that the inside of a shoe is much like a petri dish. It harbors bacteria/mold because it’s a dark, warm, moist environment which allows several different species of bacteria to thrive. There’s a party going on in Greg’s shoes!

4.) The microphone is full of Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, two common bacteria found in your mouth. If you have a weak immune system, these bacteria could induce illness which is why singers often get sick since microphones are full of other peoples’ bacteria. We recommend not sharing microphones.

5.) The water bottle contains algae, E.coli, trace amounts of Staphylococcus, and yeast. Do yourself a favor and wash your water bottle daily!!

Concluding remarks:

The bathroom is not the dirtiest place – it’s your studio and the things you touch several times a day. Wash your hands often and clean your things with some antiseptic wipes!


One Comment

  1. Roopi says:

    Wahoo! The swabbing down was so much fun. Word of advice – start cleaning your studio more often! haha. Love you guys!! =0)

  2. Oana says:

    Not so surprising. The bathroom gets cleaned every day, but how often does the cleaning crew go into the studio and wipe everything down? Never. Combined with a lot of daily traffic through the studio, and you end up with a bacteria soup.

    This reminds me, it’s probably about time I clean off my computer keyboard…

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