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PRINCE Concert Review: My Thursday Night With PRINCE In San Jose! Welcome 2 America Tour~

prince guitar photo by kevin wintergetty images3851 PRINCE Concert Review: My Thursday Night With PRINCE In San Jose! Welcome 2 America Tour~

You could feel the excitement in the air at the HP Pavillion in San Jose last night! Then all of a sudden, the lights go out, and then come back on. The lights go out again, and again come back on. People around me where looking at each other all confused… but I knew what was happening… it was my MAN PRINCE getting the crowd hyped! I sat up straight in my chair and waited to hear the voice that I LOVE….Then PRINCE said, “San Jose, you know where you are? The best place on Earth!” He was NOT lying! I was in Heaven! Let me tell you how the show went down and of course let you in on Prince’s set list and other surprises….

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**** This is a pic I took before the show ****

Before any performers took the stage last night, we were treated to large screens showing old school concert/ video footage to pass the time. Everything from Santana, Tina Turner, Morris Day and The Time and so much more! The night started out with Larry Graham and Graham Central Station taking to the stage to perform their string of classics. If you’re a frequent PRINCE concert go-er, then you pretty much knew that L.G. was going to be in the house. He didn’t disappoint running thru all the hits. I was hoping to see the Shelia E. and the Escovedo family open up for PRINCE last night. Shelia E. had hinted that they “might’ be opening up for PRINCE’S San Jose shows. That of course would definitely make sense since Shelia E. is a Bay Area woman too! No luck for us though… good thing though we did get to see Shelia E. later on in the night with PRINCE!!!

After L.G. and the G.C.S. finished funking up their set, it was time to get down to business! PRINCE was about to come on! Then the crowd lights stood dark and the crowd rose to their feet, me included of course!! PRINCE emerges from beneath the stage in all his royal goodness! Decked out in white pants and long gold silk shirt with those extra long piano-player like tails on the back. His white high-heels were shined up extra and he was ready to get the show going! PRINCE says, “My name is PRINCE. Everything you heard about me is true. I came to get down, what about you… are ya’ll ready??”

I shout at the top of my lungs, “yeaaah….I’m ready! whooo hoooo!” Then I look around and see that I happened to be the loudest one in my section of (128 row 21). I dont’ care though, it’s all for my man! I have a lot of those kinda moments at PRINCE shows….LOL–

Here’s a run-down of the songs PRINCE performed. I’m trying to go off my memory as much as I can. If you were there, help me fill in the blanks! I’m still on a PRINCE cloud and can’t think straight. Here it goes….

1999: What better way to start the concert!!!

Lil Red Corvette: Everyone was on their feet grooving to this track!! Loved seeing PRINCE dance to it too! Speaking of dance…. guess who made a return to the stage to dance with PRINCE— the TWINS! I hadn’t seen them in awhile- they weren’t at any of the Oakland shows!

Beautiful Ones: PRINCE walked over to the piano for this classic! When he says in the song, “do you want him, or do you want me…” there I was screaming, “I WANT YOU” and pointing at PRINCE. LOL- I felt like I had an Apollonia moment from Purple Rain where Prince is performing that song on stage and she just zones’ in on him at the Piano with tears in her eyes……yea that was me! I admit it, no shame in my game.

Glamorous Life (Shelia E.): Love, love, love Shelia E. and by the crowd reaction when she showed up, so does everyone else. Sheila flawlessly nailed the song and had so much energy. She said, “I love you Bay Area!” She even took a second to look all around at the crowd and take the moment in. She was home, you could tell she was comfortable and let loose tonight with her sticks in hand! During the Oakland shows in February, Prince and Shelia interacted more and I liked seeing that. But Shelia would come back out again later on.

Raspberry Beret: It was cool that snippets of the video for that song played on the mega huge screens while PRINCE performed that song! I forgot how much I loved the video, it was great to see it!!

Take Me With You: Prince performed an extended version of this song. I was happy about that! I was singing and dancing in my row with my cousin and we were doing the hand movements like when the song says, “I don’t care where we go, don’t care what we do… I don’t care pretty baby… just TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!”

Cool: This is the part of the show where you have to throw your hands up when PRINCE says, “what’s that spell? C–O-O—L!!” You have to make the letters with your hands…go head and do it now, “Honey baby can’t you see.. I’m so cool”– are you doing it??? No one’s looking c’mon!

Cream: Always love to hear PRINCE do that song live!! Lots of PRINCE dancing around with that song, so I was loving every minute!!

U Got The Look: Remember that one!! It was hit after hit!! I didn’t sit down at all! I’m sure the people behind me wish I did… but o well, I was having fun!

Let’s Work: Love when PRINCE goes this song in concert. He usually does an extended version and gets everyone singing along, “I’ve got my eyes on you… ever since you walked in the room…” YES, my EYES were glued to PRINCE that’s for sure!

Then after working up the crowd, PRINCE disappears only to come back with a purple stage and the spotlight on the middle of the stage where PRINCE gets ready to do the song that makes me cry EVERY SINGLE time I’ve been blessed to see him live…it’s time for PURPLE RAIN!!

During Purple Rain, you see couples grab each others hands or hold each other close and get ready for one of the most memorable performances of the night…. awww so cute! But I was there with my cousin Jessica… so I did what I do best when I hear that song…. CRY! I’m not sure why, it’s a very sentimental song for me. Yes, by now you’re saying that I sure do cry a lot! They are all happy tears of course!!

Next after the purple confetti settles,we get ready to liven things up with Delirious and Let’s Go Crazy! You don’t get any more uptempo than those tracks! I loved it!

Prince disappears again and says “good night.” But I know better…. my man isn’t done people!! He’s still gotta grace us with the medley he did at all the Oakland shows in February that everyone loved! Guess what, he did it… Here’s the songs he did from what I can remember of course…

Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Nasty Girl:  PRINCE asked, “where are all the nasty girls at!”- then he looked at the crowd with a smirk and shook his head…. yes PRINCE, we in the Bay know how to party– LOL-

When Doves Cry: Soon as we all heard, “Dig if you will a picture…. you and I engaged in a kiss..” Ahhhhhh—- I LOST IT!!! I was waiting for that song all night!! Love when he performs that track because it’s always accompanied by some dance moves from PRINCE!!

Darling Nikki: PRINCE likes to tease us with that intro, but hasn’t performed it in years… at least when I’ve been around- LOL

Black Sweat: He just played a quick snippet, but I was happy just to hear even a few seconds of it real quick.

I Would Die For You: Another great track to see PRINCE’s personality shine through, he definitely looked to be having fun with us!

Hot Thing: Loved that he asked everyone to break out our cell phones and put them in the air…. the whole HP Pavillion was a glow– I’m not sure the security guards/ usher’s liked that too much since they spent most of the night telling people to put their phones away!

If I Was Your Girlfriend: He told everyone to get up and dance side to side with him and that I did! It was great to hear the song. So many people have “attempted” to cover the song– but none beat PRINCE!

Then PRINCE disappeared again…. I’ve been to enough PRINCE shows to know you don’t leave until the road crew starts packing up the equipment! LOL- were we in for one more song?? Which song hasn’t he done yet I thought?? hmmm… oh yea!

KISS!!! This is the song that PRINCE really shows his personality and humor and just dances like no one else!!

Could that be the last song of the night?? Then the house lights came on and lots of people were jetting for the door! How could they be so quick to leave? Just to save 3 minutes in the parking lot? We all know Santa Clara Street is going to be a mess after the show? LOL— do me a favor for Saturday night- stay a lil longer and help me shout PRINCE= PRINCE= PRINCE– maybe he’ll come back out for one more encore! LOL- let’s try it–

I was right, that was the last song of the night. I had such a great time. Prince fans who just want to hear strictly hits will have been happy with last night’s show. Someone like me who has been to many shows, I’m good with hearing some obsure tracks too— I know all the words to those songs too, I’ll figure it out! LOL- mix it up!

PRINCE did have a few costume changes: white pants with long gold silk shirt, then he added a velvet boloero type vest but that didn’t stay on long– he ended up taking it off after half a song! Then he came out in a baby blue/ light lavender suit depending on the lighting…. Then the animal print silk shirt with his light blue blazar and pants was cool too see him strutting around in! His white heels were on fire but not like his light up sneaker/ heels he was sporting for the end of the show. It was funny how they lit up when he walked, just like my daughter’s Sketchers that she likes to wear in the dark to see them light up! LOL– too cool

In the medley we also heard a piece of Sign O’ The Times but that was it… nothing more! What a shame, I love that song too!

My favorite PRINCE line of the night had to be when he said, “You are all acting like it’s the weekend. Don’t you have to go to work in the morning?” The crowd busted up laughing and all said together ‘NO!’ Then he said, “You’re not going home are you?’ PRINCE knew we came to see HIM and he didn’t disappoint. I would have loved to have more PRINCE and a lil less Larry Graham– sorry, probably not the best thing to say about a legend like L.G.— but love the dude, just wanted more PRINCE that’s all. The vibe was cool at the HP… but for Saturday’s show, if you are going…..when PRINCE does the final encore… help me chant PRINCE and see if he comes back out! Plus, trust me— don’t leave too early! You might miss out on something you’ll be kicking yourself for later!!

I can’t wait to go back on Saturday! If you’re going, parking is $25 so get ready and also bring $30 bucks with you because now they have the PRINCE TOUR BOOK that they didn’t have last time for the Oakland shows!

If you were there, let me know what you thought of the show. What songs did I miss? Are you going back on Saturday! Let us know!

See ya at the next PRINCE concert! Follow me on and on Twitter @MaryDiaz997 so we can talk all about PRINCE!!

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One Comment

  1. Aly weir says:

    Great review…..what a night and I loved that Prince looked like he was having soo much fun, cracking a LOT of smiles. I definitely could do with a shorter or no LG opener and I thought the sound was terrible for his performance. When Prince started singing The Beautiful Ones, my night was made – heaven:) Only song you miss was SOT in the medley.
    Like you, I was surprised by how quickly the crowd left, especially when they seemed so energized all night. I’ll be back tomorrow night too, and am hoping for DMSR and the Adore/Scandolous/Insatiable trio:)
    What section will you be in?

    1. Aly weir says:

      My bad – you did mention SOT:)

    2. marydiaz997 says:

      Hey Aly! I’m glad you had such a great time at the show! Prince was definitely in a great playful mood. Like when he was doing the song “KISS” and he said “…you don’t have to watch Dynasty… or Real Housewives!” I was busting up!! Have I said how much I LOVE Prince?? LOL— I’m also hoping for some more songs Saturday night. To me the Oakland shows were longer and had more songs, but then again they didn’t really start as late as the one Thursday night! Darn Larry Graham— just kidding!! Enjoy the show. I’ll be in Section 102, not sure which row though– I’ll post it up on Facebook! Have fun Saturday and hope to see you there! xoxo~

  2. Rachel says:

    the most beautiful girl in the world

  3. Rachel says:

    oh, and an MJ song, but i cant remember which one

    1. marydiaz997 says:

      Thanks Rachel! ‘Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ was amazing and as for the MJ song?? I’m trying to remember? He’s done ‘Don’t Stop’ before at a show, so I wonder if that was the one?? I’m sure it’ll come to me at like 3am!! LOL– Glad you had a great time!! Have a great weekend! xoxo~

  4. UncleDave says:

    I’m going Saturday. The review in the Mercury News said that Prince didn’t start his set until 2.5 hours after the start of the concert – is this correct?

    1. marydiaz997 says:

      Uncle Dave, get ready for a party!! The Mercury was right… Prince came out about 10pm after Larry Graham’s loooong set. LOL- and the show ended about 11:30ish- if I remember right? I wouldn’t really take your time getting to the show on Saturday because of that though— sometimes the show gets started on time and then people get upset that they were still in traffic or in the beer and nachos line!! Plus, make sure you don’t leave the show until you see them packing up the equipment because sometimes Prince will come back and do an encore, even with the house lights on! He’s gotta feel that energy from the crowd! Have a great time at the show! See ya there!! xoxo~

  5. Colby says:

    Mary- Great review! I was actually above you in Section 228- i’m the one who LOST HIS SHYAT when Sheila E TORE IT UP with Glamourous Life! My pal and I thought 1999 & Corvette were lacking energy and were concerned, but Sheila sent the house into bonkersville- and our theory is that Prince heard that reaction, and cranked HIS show up! lol!
    Yea, he did cover MJ’s Just Can’t Get Enough- we were wonderfully surprised he did You Got the Look ! Our bodies were happy-slamming indeed! Two songs we would’ve loved to hear were Diamonds & Pearls and Erotic City.
    Overall, GREAT show- have fun on Saturday nite and post any notes if there were differences between the two shows. I gotta get ready for Kylie at Bill Graham!!
    Are we javing a great run of concerts lately or what!!? 🙂

  6. Marie says:

    I went to San Jose show on Saturday– my first Prince concert! I was one of the most excited people there, I swear; I think the crowd lacked enough enthusiasm honestly (and it wasn’t like I was going totally nuts or anything. Just a genuine fan!).

    I was on the floor jn the 13th row and as nice and close as that was, I would have preferred to sit up a little bit more because we had to keep looking at the screen to get the ‘big picture’ of what was going on (my neck actually hurt after!). One great thing about Prince is that for each song he goes to each side of the stage- what a fair and awesome performer! And he gave the high-up seats much love which I thought was super sweet.

    LG had a pretty short set and I agree with another reviewer that the sound system did not suit him/them. The crowd was not all that into him and I admit I sat down for a minute….until they started doing Sly and the Family Stone classics that is! They were quickly off the stage once that fun was over.

    I have to say, I am not going to be very detailed. I think I was so excited that I did not record much in my head.

    I DO remember that he used some of the same lines from Thursday’s show. “You all are acting like it’s Saturday, you don’t have work tomorrow do you?” BUT he added, “I know you don’t have to go to church tomorrow”. Haha!

    He went off stage I think 3 times and we had to cheer him back. I think we could have done better the last time; the cheers were a little weak and people started to leave but he did come back out. My sister told me not to leave until security pushes you out, even if the lights come back on, but the 3rd time was the last. He changed a few times but nothing too spectacular. I expected a little more glam. He wore his trademark type clothes and at one point put a hat on but it came off quickly. The ‘twins’ were a nice addition. I was impressed how NOT over the top the show was actually. It was about the music and that showed. No smoke and mirrors- yay!

    He played many medlies and I would have liked more ballads (I was PRAYING for ‘Adore’). I would have also liked more full songs.

    Sheila E was there looking freaking fabulous and did “U got the look” of course.

    He did tease us with the beginning of Darling Nikki…TEASE!

    A big treat for me was “Nothing Compares to You”. WOW did I melt when it started. It was beautiful!

    1999, Let’s Go Crazy, Raspberry Beret, If I Was Your Girlfriend (another melting moment), Little Red Corvette, Purple Rain, Delirious, I Would Die 4 U, Pop Life

    I am sure I missed a bunch. That’s what I can remember right now. I intended to put it all down in my phone but, yeah, right! I was a little distracted 🙂

    I do have to say that I was slightly disappointed because he was on for less than 2 hours, with all the encoring and all. The crowd didn’t move him I guess….which is why I am going to my hometown tomorrow to see him again on Saturday! Weeeeeeee! What fun life can be!

    I will try to remember more details I promise (I don’t even drink; I was just intoxicated by Prince!)

    I really did want to hear “Adore” because my honey of almost 10 years was with me in San Jose but won’t be in LA with me. Oh well.

    Big ups to HP Pavillion for making everything very smooth and not overwhelming. The crowd moved along when it should have, things just flowed.

    I was hyper the next day, let me tell you!

  7. Patty says:

    Please bring back a prince concert to San Jose California area!

  8. Frances MTZ says:

    Wow I just found this… I to had a great night with Prince!! My honey surprised me with his credit card & said “get online and get tickets for LA’s 4/22/11 concert” mind you this was my very first Prince concert…we got great seats at the Forum. I think my co-workers now know who Prince is after my week long ranting & raving!!
    We live in AZ & the 8 hour drive was worth every min..We get to LA and I as well as my honey are so pumped up I swear I made myself sick!! Of course we get there super early I tink we were first line..we find our seats the excitement was overwhelming I couldn’t stop smiling & texting my family & friends pics of where we were!!
    So the concert starts and yes he did play the lights on lights off game..Prince finally emerges dressed in a black/gold suit strutting on the stage my god this man has so much swagg!!! He yells out “LA are u ready for me?” its nuts in the forum.. He goes through his set & Alicia Keys comes out to sing ” How Come U Dont Call Me Anymore” wow the crowd went crazy! The whole concert was mesmerizing!!! The couple next to us told us not to leave because he comes back out so I told my honey we aint leaving til security moves me:) Unfortunately he did not come out after his last encore but he did gives us a teaser and came out riding a bike!
    As we were leaving this most awesome show ever we saw the VIP entrance a few people were there waiting so we decided to take a chance and wait & maybe get lucky to get a glance of Prince leaving. Well we made some friends talked a lil & some couldn’t believe we drove 8 hours..(I luv my honey he made it possible) So we meet some of the NPG! Great people so nice! Thank u! The best thing happened one of the girls I was talking to happened to get invited into the VIP party and guess what she invites us to go in with her!!! OMG!!! We get to security and start to walk down the hall of his Royal Purpleness man we were both shaking because we could possibly meet PRINCE!! We get in and right in front of us is Rosario Dawson just lovely!! We met some great people and Shelia E even said Hello!! Unfortunately Prince had left 30 mins before:( but we got to talk & take pictures with NPG!! I got to be where Prince sat, where he DJ’s, where he was 30 mins ago!!! I can say my night with Prince will never be forgotten one of the best nights ever!!!!

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