PRINCE CONCERT REVIEW: My 2nd Night With Prince in San Jose- Welcome 2 America Tour!


Last night at the H.P. Pavillion in San Jose, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]PRINCE[/lastfm] said, “I’ve been waiting for this all night! Real music by real musicians!” My man PRINCE couldn’t have been more right! I had been waiting for this show more than all night…. since he stepped foot off the stage on Thursday night. Let me tell you all about it….get ready!

Being that I go to a lot of PRINCE shows, I know that the last night of wherever he’s on tour, always seems to be the best show!  Maybe it’s because he gets more comfortable, he’s worked out all the kinks from before… or what I think it really is….. he wants to give ME a hell of a show…..oops, I mean US a hell of a show!! If you were at PRINCE’s Thursday concert in San Jose and NOT last nights…. let me warn you, you’re not going to like the set list of songs he did! He did some that he didn’t even touch on Thursday!

First off, just driving down Santa Clara street on our way to the HP you could just feel the energy as you saw people decked out in their purple, make their way to the arena. I couldn’t wait to get in! After getting inside, it was time for the opening act: Larry Graham and Graham Central Station. I’ve heard so many people complain about L.G. opening the Bay Area shows all the time. I have to admit, I was one of them. Then I realized, sure I know how his set runs, but I can’t forget I’m watching a Legend up there on stage. Someone with history, someone with skill, someone who PRINCE looks up to!  So with that new thought in my head, tonight’s LG performance was pretty cool. To me it didn’t feel like it was dragging out. His set got us ready to party with PRINCE!

After L.G. gets off stage, the lights go out around 9:15 and then they come back on with PRINCE rising from the center of the symbol stage! He looks so HOT in his white suit with a black top and of course his white heels!

So are you ready to hear the set list for the songs PRINCE performed last night? Here it is….

D.M.S.R.!!!!! YES, he opened with Dance Music Sex Romance!!! When I heard the begining chords of that song I though, “why is he teasing us already??” That was’t the case, then we all started singing, “everybody everybody, ooh (ooh), alright (alright), dance, music, sex, romance!”

Pop Life: Eveyone in the crowd was on their feet dancing and singing along with PRINCE!

Then the always witty PRINCE said, “What’s my name? Tell me that you really know my music.” There I was in section 102 row 21 screaming as I was saying “PRINCE…whoo, I know your music baby!” Yes, for some reason… I seem to talk back to PRINCE when he asks the audience questions. I don’t talk back to the movie theater screens… that’s annoying…. just at PRINCE concerts! Maybe that’s because when he’s on that big ol stage, I feel like I’m the only one their! But I digress….next up:

Musicology: That was the name of one tour that he had a few years back and by the reaction of the crowd, people were pleasantly surprised! I used to belong to a fam club called ‘NPG Music club’ and loved it because I’d get cd’s sent to me and the best part is that we had first dibs on concert tickets! For the Musicology tour, I never sat past the third row at a show! Who remembers that!

Shhh: So happy to hear that one too, although someone asked me what song was that! C’mon, the one that goes, “Shhh… Break it down, I don’t wanna nobody else to hear the sounds…” oooooh too silky!! I’ll let you finish the rest of that song! LOL-

U Will Be With Me: My cousin and I that were so happy he added this song into the set list!! It was the perfect way to bring in Shelia E.

Glamourous Life: La la la la la la la…. soon as Shelia E. rose up from the center of the stage, San Jose showed her some major love!! Shelia took it all in and then proceeded to KILL IT!! I love her energy and the Bay loves our hometown girl!

Let’s Go Crazy: Soon as you heard that intro, you knew PRINCE wan’t playing around, he was ready to leave it all on stage for us! Great energy from the crowd. I looked around and EVERYONE was on their feet like me!

Delirious: Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do…. that’s all you need to hear to know which song was coming up next! Prince shouted out the ol’ schoolers in the house! One guy threw Prince his hat, he looked at it and put it on for a few seconds and threw it back to him! WOW! Then I see the same guy later on wearing the hat??? What? You should’ve brought one of those extra big ziploc bags and zipped it up!

1999: Such a fitting song since the WORLD WAS SUPPOSED TO END YESTERDAY! LOL_ There was no place I’d rather be than at a PRINCE concert if that was the case! PRINCE was playful when he was singing the song, and you could see the smirk on his face! Classic PRINCE!

Little Red Corvette: Ok, for this song you gotta get your double clap on! Love his extended versions of LRC and his dance moves!

Nothing Compares 2 U: Prince let Shelby J. get her shine on as they sang this one back and forth to each other! Homegirl can saaaang! I loved when he came to my side of the stage and he sang the song, it was like he was pointing to me! LOL– I know I know, he wasn’t… but it was still magical….ahhh…ok, back to the list!

Take Me With U: Love when the audience sings the chorus and then points to him when we say “take me with you!”

Raspberry Beret: On the big screen, snippets of the video played of that song! He asked the crowd to sing it if we knew it….. EVERYONE knew it!

Cream: Loved it of course!

Cool: This one you gotta do the hand-gestures! Make a “C”, make and “O” and another “O” and and “L” with your hands! Not and “L” like “loser” though- us PRINCE fans will look at you crazy! Loved how he said, “San Jose are you hot?” we said “No”, he said”Do you know why?” We said ”No”, he said “cuz your COOL!” Are we hot??? YESSS!! Come back to the Bay soon P!

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough: Usually PRINCE will motion for someone to throw him his guitar, but this time he was given his CAMERA! During this song, PRINCE busted out a camera and started taking pictures of the crowd! Whaaaat! He’s too awesome. Now let’s hope the pictures show up in a book or program later on for us to see!

U Got The Look: Everyone was still on their feet jamming to this one! The Twins came out with their mirrors and were singing and dancing along!

Purple Rain: Yes, before you ask, I DID CRY. Like I do everytime, it’s such and emotional song! Am I the only one who gets teary eyed?? Last night I got goose bumps when the purple confetti rained down on us! Shelby J always comes out with a flag and waves it but I always miss what it says or has on it? PRINCE was looking good in his black satin outfit with gold trim. He then said “Good Night”, but the show was far from being done!

Then after he’s gone for a few minutes and everyone’s still going nuts, he comes out and heads to the piano for the medley! Some fans don’t like it, but I actually do. C’mon I’d love if he did ALL the songs all the way through, but like he said, “we’ll be here till NEXT Saturday!”

When Doves Cry: He HAS to do this song or the people that ONLY know the Purple Rain album would be mad! Always a favorite of mine too!

Nasty Girl: PRINCE asked where are all the Nasty Girls at! All the ladies went Whoooo hooooo!

Sign O The Times: Always happy to hear that one!

Hot Thang: YES!!! HE DID IT!!!

Most Beautiful Girl In The World: LOOOOOVED IT!

SCREAMS OF PASSION: I was suprised to hear that one! Not too many people knew what it was- LOL…. but they know now! Don’t think I’ve EVER heard it live? Can’t remember.

Darling Nikki: Loved how PRINCE teases us with it but then he said, “You all don’t understand. I’m in rehab ya’ll!” LOL— let’s hope one day we’ll get the song at a show! He did let a lil of the “old” PRINCE out when he did a lil floor dance earlier in the show. But he hopped back up! LOL- It’s still in him– let it out P, let it out!!

Forever In My Life: That he will be! Always love when he does this song!

I Would Die 4 U: We were all pointing at PRINCE at the “U” part! Everyone was outta their seats! Funny thing was when PRINCE went to one side of the stage and pointed to the crowd to sing it back and they didn’t get the words right– PRINCE said, “uh oh we got some young people in the house tonight.” LOL– great sense of humor!

If I Was Your Girlfriend: Guess who he brought out to sit on the piano as he sang it to her… Bria Valente. Prince fans know who she is! LOL- She looked happy… who wouldn’t have right???

Play That Funky Music White Boy: Everyone was grooving to that one! No one wanted the party to end! Including me– we got a chance to see PRINCE do some more of his moves. He never looses a beat!

Controversy: It’s funny I always try to guess which song is next and for some reason I forget this song– and then when it comes on I’m like “oh yea, he hasn’t done that one yet!”

So many highlights of the show. His amazing voice (no lip-syncing there honey), his extra funky dance moves, seeing him grind the floor real quick LOL-, PRINCE saying “hit it John” pointing to the drums and drummer John Blackwell wasn’t there, none of the band was there– it was a lil mis-step. After that you see the band rush up the stage and continue like nothing. LOL- Did anyone catch that?

Oh, and something I’ve never seen before was when PRINCE was playing with the mic stand (you know how he does) and the stand kinda got away from him and he caught it awkwardly and said, “watch out!” or something like that. I just remember watching and saying OMG that’s never happened! Like PRINCE says, EVERY show is different! Just come ready to dance, sing and PARTAAAAY! See you at the next one! Well done PRINCE– No one today should be bad-mouthing the show, you put everything out on that stage for us. We appreciate it! Thanks for another memorable night with you!

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Wanna find out what you missed at Thursday’s San Jose show? Read it here!


One Comment

  1. Marleah says:

    Perfect Review!! I couldnt have said it better myself! I ended up going to thursdays concert as well and I completely agree with you! the atmosphere and show altogether was waay better on saturday! Peace, love and some Purple Rain (and yes I got teary eyed too)

  2. Aly weir says:

    I agree with you – last night was on fire!!!! I have been waiting for a DMSR opener, I couldn’t believe it!! From where I was sitting I could see the band when they first walker out and Prince rode his bicycle out – love it. Last night was waayyy better than Thursday, though I will never forget The Beautiful Ones:)
    Lucky me, I am heading down to LA this weekend to catch two more shows and taking my boys with me – cannot wait to share this ‘experience’ with them!

  3. johnnyh says:

    Nice review! Thanks!

  4. Sherrie says:

    I unfortunately missed Raspberry beret on. But it was still the greatest night I have waited for for 27 years. Would love the DVD if there is one. Anyone know of one?

  5. Janet M says:

    Thanks for this recap!!! I love printing the recaps with my pictures in my scrapbook album. You forgot about the part where he ended the show and then after a good 5 minutes (I had time to go to the bathroom and walk around to the other side of the venue) he came out and did some more. I don’t see Kiss on your list of songs and I know he did that one too. It was mine and my husband’s first Prince experience and it was well worth it except of course I wish he had done the whole version of some of the songs instead of snippets. LOL with the camera police. We were sitting in section 116 and I managed to sneak about 40 pictures!

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