Ke$ha’s Feather Hair Trend Is Killing Roosters!

[photogallerylink id=122983]The now infamous salon trend for feathers in your hair made popular by Kesha is killing roosters.  Kesha’s crazy style is infectious and a lot of people strive to look just like her but this may not be such a good idea.

Kesha’s hair trend of feathers in your hair has really taken off, but it turns out this trend is not so innocent. These coveted feather hair pieces actually come from Rooster’s butts, and they can only be taken after the bird is murdered! Kesha has been an animal rights activist for many years, but little did she know she’s is now responsible for the death of thousands of roosters.

Women all around the nation have been going straight to the source visiting tackle and bait stores that sell the feathers. One farm in particular in Colorado said they killed up to 1,500 roosters a week, but even that wasn’t enough to keep up with hair salon demands. Hopefully, Kesha will soon inform the world of the cruel treatment of these poor roosters, and end this silly hair trend.

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What do you think is this Kesha hair trend Hot or Not?


Kesha Rooster Hair Drama!


One Comment

  1. Michele says:

    Um, the roosters are bred for feathers and then euthanized because it’s more humane than yanking out the feathers…they have been bred and killed for feathers for years because until Steven Tyler made feathers in the hair trendy, fishermen used them for tying flys. So, whether Ke$sha is an animal activist or not, the roosters are bred and euthanized for feathers.

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