Justin Beiber Turning Into A Bad Boy???


Justin Beiber spotted with new black studded earrings on top of his new tattoo up his ribcage with the word Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew). All of this sounds like he’s starting to ditch his good boy teen star image. Is Justin Bieber headed in the wrong direction, turning in to a bad boy??

People are starting to compare Justin Beiber to Miley Cyrus because she use to be Disney’s teen queen good girl, but then she quickly turned into a bad girl wild child over night.  Not only is Justin’s physical appearance changing with his new piercings and tattoo, but insiders also said it’s not just his physical appearance he has lost his Canadian accent.  I guess living out in L.A. has changed him a bit, and helped him pick up some California lingo as well as dress a little different too.  Justin’s parents are becoming worried about him lately, but think that Selena Gomez is a good influence on him since she is Disney’s good girl.  Hopefully Justin doesn’t turn out like a Miley Cyrus and go wild on us, we’ll just have to wait and see what he does next!

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Justin Beiber Bad Boy News!


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