Justin Bieber’s Bay Area Show Helps Send 1,000 Kids To College!

You can call[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Justin Bieber [/lastfm]a lot of things, but selfish isn’t one of them! Thanks to J.B.’s intimate charity show for College Track at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga last night, lots of students are smiling. Not just the J.B. fans who where there, but the 1,000 others who weren’t, but will still benefit from the show….

While some of Justin’s Bay Area fans complained about the high prices for last night’s concert (tickets went from $250.00- $1,500.00 each), one thing that they shouldn’t forget, is that this was all for charity. I’m sure J.B. will be back one day soon, but for one night- it was about thinking of others and helping students live their college dream!

Last night was a success to say the least! From those proceeds and other funding, over 1,000 kids will get to go to college! Even with his sick girlfriend in the hospital, the show went on and Justin was in a great mood! Here’s what J.B. tweeted:

Justin Bieber
justin bieber: Tonight we are all just happy. Great night. We did that show for all the right reasons. 2nite my fans helped #makeachange with College Track
Justin Bieber
justinbieber: Great night!! Felt great to be back on stage. And for a great cause! I have the greatest fans in the world because they give back
Justin also celebrated this milestone by tweeting: 1000 Kids! #SWAG – thank you to the fans- you made it happen – #madeachange
@CollegeTrack tweeted: Thanks @justinbieber @scooterbraun @jonmchu @theLXD for an AMAZING College Track concert. Last night you helped 1,000 kids go to college
oh yea, even Hammer made a special appearance! Check out their Instagram pic…
 c3299ce744d149ceb94949d4ae82ee9f 7 Justin Biebers Bay Area Show Helps Send 1,000 Kids To College!
If you could bring Justin Bieber back for a performance and he could only do 3 songs, which songs would you want him to perform? Do you think more celebrities should do these type of shows for charity with high-priced tickets or do you think they should’ve done a bigger venue with regular priced tickets with all  the money still going to charity? Either way, long as it’s for charity, it’s a great look! Congrats to Justin & everyone at CollegeTrack.org for putting on this event and of course thanks to those who bought tickets to the show. You should all be smiling today, more kids get to go to college beause of you all!
Follow @CollegeTrack on Twitter and check out www.collegetrack.org for more info on this great organization and how to help! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook too! You can always add me … (cheap plug- LOL) @MaryDiaz997 and on facebook!
**Check out some more news on Justin you might’ve missed!

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