Will.i.am Says Justin Bieber Could Be Like Prince Or Micheal Jackson?

[photogallerylink id=135272] Hold up…wait a minute here! What is[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Will.i.am[/lastfm] saying now?? You guys know I LOVE [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]PRINCE [/lastfm]and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Michael Jackson[/lastfm], so I had to read the interview 2x’s!  Don’t get me wrong, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber [/lastfm]is one talented kid! Trust me, I’ve been known to have “Bieber fever” a time or two. I’ve seen him in concert a few times and beause my daughter loves him so much, I fall in to the trap of getting all her school supplies with J.B.’s face on them! But can you really say he’s going to be the next Prince or Michael Jackson?

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** Here’s a pic of the concert stage I took when I went to see Prince in May!

Let me tell you exactly what Will.i.am said in an interview this week and you be the judge:

“I was with Justin Bieber in the studio two days ago, working on his new album and we had a really great conversation. Justin Bieber could be like Prince. Justin Bieber could be like Michael Jackson where his career is like, for like ‘Wow! Explain it’s 2030, Justin Bieber, your career is so long. You’re the first artist to broadcasted to Mars. How do you feel about that?’ Justin could be that dude.”

Um…. is Will.i.am ok? I kinda see where he is going, but to throw out such epic artists like the love of my life PRINCE and the cherished MICHAEL JACKSON? He’s going to have to put out a lot more music out for me to really agree with him. Those are some big shoes to fill. No doubt J.B. will carve out his own lane in the music industry and continue to blow up, with or without haters in the way. But I can’t help but think of the pressure to try and be the next iconic musician could be on a teenager? True that Prince and M.J. started out young like J.B., but their styles of music are so different— it’s hard to compare.

Let’s hope J.B. keeps pushing out good music that people are going to wanna hear and that will get him closer to even being in the same list of greatest artists of all time alongside my PRINCE and MICHAEL JACKSON on day soon… maybe even before the year 2030 like Will.i.am says! LOL– What do you think?

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Here’s the last pic I took of PRINCE before security caught me with my phone! LOL–


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