Britney Spears Wanted To Be A Teacher Growing Up!

[photogallerylink id=140291] When someone would ask you what do you wanna be when you grow up, what did you say? Did you say doctor, lawyer or popstar? [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Britney Spears [/lastfm]recently opened up in an interview about her childhood dream… she wanted to be a TEACHER! Find out what else Britney has to say….


It was in an interview with that Britney was able to tell her fans what would be different about her life and what else she would’ve done if she wasn’t the Queen of Pop.

Britney said: “It would probablypretty much be the same because I’m pretty strong in the way I raise my kids and stuff, so it would probably pretty much the same but career-wise I’d probably be a teacher. I love kids and even in what I do now one of my favorite parts of my day is getting to meet my fans before the show. Especially the little ones. They are always so cute.”

Britney also went on to say that since her Mom was a teacher, she wanted to be one too. So what subject would Britney teach? Britney said, “I’d specialize in reading and history.”

When she was asked what she’d do if her boys wanted to be popstars, Britney said: “I’d definitely keep an eye on them, but if that’s what they wanted to do then I’d let them go after it. I’d just be very protective”

Wow– wonders if she maybe wishes her parents where as proctective as she’d see herself being for her boys? Hmm…that’s one to think about. Can you imagine Britney as a teacher. She already is like a teacher since what she’s done in her career has paved the way for other stars that have come after her. She’s taught a lot of celebrities what to do and NOT do on stage and off.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Is there a career choice that you wished you do instead of what you do now?


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