Bethenny Frankel’s ‘Skinnygirl Margarita’ Might Cause Cancer!

bethanny frankel Bethenny Frankels Skinnygirl Margarita Might Cause Cancer!

(Photo by Dario Cantatore/Getty Images)

The one Real Housewife that seems to have her life under control if Bethenny Frankel from the New York cast. The reality star has made a pretty penny by creating and selling her own cocktail called the Skinnygirl Margarita. It’s been flying off shelves across the country thanks to reality TV status. However, now there’s news that the drink may cause cancer!

According the New York Post, Whole Foods stopped selling the cocktail because it contains he preservative sodium benzoate. When mixed with certain substances, like Vitamin C, it can become carcinogenic. A carcinogen is a substance that directly causes cancer.

The Skinnygirl Margarita “had been offered in 16 of Whole Foods Market’s 310 stores. After discovering that it contains a preservative that does not meet our quality standards, we have had to stop selling it, ” said the grocery store in a statement.

beth Bethenny Frankels Skinnygirl Margarita Might Cause Cancer!

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Frankel sold the company for $120 million dollars last year. In a statement to Access Hollywood Frankel said, ”I’m not making wheatgrass here. If I could put an agave plant and some limes on a shelf I would. [The Skinnygirl Margarita] is as close to nature as possible, while still being a shelf-stable product.”

A rep for Beam Global, who bought the company from Bethenny, said there are “extremely low levels” of sodium benzoate in the drink and that the preservative is “very common.” Now we have to ask, will you keep buying the drink?


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