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Cheerleaders Upset Over Mini-Skirts Ban At Piedmont High In San Jose!

Cheerleaders at Piedmont High School in San Jose have something they aren’t cheering about! The ban on mini-skirts at their school! The cheer-squad was all ready to show off their uniforms and then the Principal saw the skirts and said they were too “risque” and that the girls don’t need to wear their uniforms to school.  Find out what the students are now told to wear instead to cover up….

Principal Traci Williams says she has a soloution to the “risque” skirts, and that is SWEATS! She wants to cheerleaders to wear sweats to school as part of their uniform. She also mentioned she didn’t like the skirts because their “cheeks were hanging out and I don’t want them to bend over.”

Here’s a pic of the uniforms. Click here:

So for now…. They can still wear their skirts to the games…. just not to class. The dress code for the school has been around for years… but this is the first time that something is being said about the cheerleaders wearing their skirts to school. The backlash came this year since they have new uniform skirts and they are shorter than last year.  No one is speaking up to find out who ok’d the shorter hemline. The new uniform cost the cheerleaders $300! The cheerleaders are making sure the faculty knows that they aren’t happy at all!

Students are upset and say it’s not fair that they are being made an example of in the school’s “dress-code sweep.” One student said, “We’re just sad and hurt. It’s our school colors and spirit. And they’re making us feel like outcasts.”

What do you think about the ban that effects the cheerleaders. Do you think they should be able to wear their uniforms to school too? Is the school over-reacting? Should they cover up for school?


One Comment

  1. Mo says:

    Easy solution. Require them to wear a specific kind of short short under the skirt. Cheeks? Are the girls not wearing normal cheerleeding uniform bloomers? Even those should be enough as they have been since the dawn of time—it’s not like these uniforms have changed much over the years.

    I can totally understand where the principle is coming from to a point. Though a full on ban is a bit unecessary.

  2. OK, I honest to god stand by the principal. Some of those cheerleaders DO NOT wear their spankies and if they do they wear extra small ones where i think from the principal’s observation maybe thats what she saw. so with that being said one bad apple spoiled the bunch and i dont see whats the whole issue about it…if you’re still allowed to wear something that still symbolizes you as a cheerleader whats the big deal. they can still wear their uniforms to games but school is school. School’s dress code policy should be upheld at all times and I am a cheerleader myself so i’m not hating. just trying to be rational about this situation

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