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PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Has A Piercing Down ‘There’

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lady gaga PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Has A Piercing Down There

Lady Gaga (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Not long ago, we were all wondering if it was possible that Lady Gaga could have girl and boy parts. The opening scene of her “Telephone” music video made it very clear that she only has girl parts. Can you blame people for looking? Some of her outfits are pretty risqué. Including a red dress she wore in New York recently. Unfortunately, the piece of clothing failed to cover up her nether regions… now people have noticed something down there. It looks a lot like a piercing!

Photographers captured Gaga leaving a photo shoot in NYC in a red dress with a slit right up the front of the skirt portion of the outfit. The opening was so high that some managed to get pics of her girly bits. A NSFW closeup shows something that looks like a piercing.

For all we know it could be some weird kind of underwear. Then again, we wouldn’t put it past Gaga to have a piercing down there… no matter how painful it would be to get something like that.

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