Tim Lincecum Sued for Trashing Apartment and Stealing

San Francisco Giants’ star Tim Lincecum has been sued for trashing his rented apartment in the Bay Area as well as stealing from the landlord. Looks like he isn’t just a pothead, but a crazy drunken thief too!

A lawsuit was filed Wednesday claiming that Tim Lincecum destroyed or stole $200,000 worth of items in his San Francisco apartment. He is being accused of illegally returning to the apartment after his lease expired and having a crazy huge party, which led to a bunch of things being broken/missing.

Attorney Jonathan Bonstein stated:

My belief is there was some kind of party that left it in really bad condition. Maybe there’s a perfectly good explanation on his side, but we haven’t heard it yet.”

According to Mercury News, Tim is being sued for $350,000, which is more than what was stolen and damaged. The reason for this is because Lincecum is also being accused of making late rent payments and stealing the landlord’s personal property.

The Giants declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Hmm… I wonder what really went down. And I’m actually a little upset I wasn’t invited to this crazy party! What’s up with that Tim?!

Want to see which apartment he stayed in and trashed? Click next!This is where Tim partied hard!!!


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