Justin Bieber’s Haircut Costs Toy Company $100,000!

Remember when girls from all over the world were swooning over[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Justin Bieber[/lastfm]’s hair! That side swoop move he’d do would cause the loudest screams from his adoring fans! So, what happened when he decided to switch up his style and cut his hair? Let’s just say a toy company was upset and it cost them over $100,000! trans Justin Biebers Haircut Costs Toy Company $100,000!

The toy company CEO, Jay Foreman  who makes the J.B. dolls said, “First off, I had no idea what he did. I heard a lot of shrieks around me and people running in and out of their offices.” Can you imagine all the commotion over J.B.’s hair?

The CEO added they were the first to find out about J.B.’s new hair style. He said, “I got everyone into a conference room and we looked at some images. We weren’t sure what he had done. Then it became obvious that his trademark was gone.”

With the new style that meant the small toy company had to stop production on the Autum 2011 dolls being made to make the new change! That last minute switch costs the company over $100,000.

The new dolls will be out in stores soon with his new hair style. The company says they dont’ want to disappoint fans in anyway and they’ll be happy when they see the new dolls.

The CEO sounds like a cool guy. He just wants to make the “Bielebers” in the world happy! Nothing wrong with that! He added, “If Justin was photographed smoking a hookah-pipe, for example, or some kind of risky behavior, that could doom a small toy company maker. Retailers would pull the dolls off their shelves and send them back to me. That would bankrupt me!”


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