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Ke$ha Writes A Letter To Offer Help To McDonald’s!

[photogallerylink id=176938]Ke$ha has been one of the loudest voices to speak out on the bad treatment against animals.  Now she’s using her fame to help get her message across to McDonalds. Ke$ha even wrote a letter along with PETA and sent it off to the CEO of McDonald’s in hopes that they would change some of the practices they use!

Ke$ha and PETA wants to put an end to the “alleged fowl cruelity.” In a letter to McDonalds CEO Jim Skinner, Ke$ha said she “practically puked” when she found out that they are “spending more than a billion dollars on store renovations, but won’t invest a dime to upgrade its’ suppliers archaic slaughterhouses.”

She then added, “Please explain why you won’t listen to your company’s own advisory panel and follow the lead of McDonald’s in Europe by switching to the modern method  that would spare chickens killed for McNuggets from having their legs and wings broken, having their throats slashed while their still conscious and being scalded to death in de-deathering tanks.” Oh…. she went there. She wasn’t done though…

She even takes a shot at maybe the reason McDonald’s hasn’t fixed the problem is due to money! Ke$ha even offers in her letter to help them out by saying, “If the cost is what troubles you- despite the fact that your profits are way up due to the fact that everyone eats cheap during a recession- let’s talk. I may not have the $ that your golden arches has to throw around, but I’d be glad to lend a hand in helping bring your suppliers’ slaughter practices into the 21st Century.”


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  1. Monique says:

    God, I admire that girl so much.

  2. I know celebrities are always trying to become associated with a cause to further their image, but I nevertheless applaud when they really seem to take action and seem genuinely passionate(is it hard to tell when they are?) Although I am a McDonald’s fan I believe that many of their practices should be changed, especially their slaughterhouses; thus I agree with Ke$ha. Her comment that “everyone eats their because of the recession” should particularly make jab McDonald’s for being so greedy and trying to keep costs low at the expense of a poor defenseless animal like a chicken.

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