San Jose Middle School Bans Pink Ribbons Due To Gang Colors?

When you see pink ribbons on signs, posters or people’s clothing, it’s safe to assume it’s to show support for breast cancer awareness month. According to Willow Glen Middle School in San Jose, the pink ribbons can be mistaken for gang colors and they don’t want anyone wearing them on campus!

The story caught the attention of a writer for the when an annoymous tip came into him about something that happened to a girl at the middle school.

One day, a sixth grader decided to show her support for breast cancer awareness month. That’s when showed up to school wearing a pink ribbon in her hair, an “I Love Boobies” bracelet and a few pink ribbons on her backpack. Innocent enough right??

WRONG- according to the school. She was breaking dress code! Apparently, the pink color is too close to red— a known gang color! The sixth grader even had one of her teachers approach her to tell her to take the pink items off or be sent to a different class for “bad kids” according to the annonymous source who talked to It is even written in their schools’ handbook. It cleary says….

[photogallerylink id=187714]

“NO red, pink, purple, maroon, light/baby blue, or shades thereof are allowed in the overall color or within the design of any article of clothing or accessory.”

Do you think the school should make an exception for pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness month? Should the sixth grade student get in trouble since the rules are in the handbook? Is the school out of line or the student for wanting to bend the rules?


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